North Carolina, Andover North Andover, Governor Charlie Baker discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


As hurricane Florence gets closer pushing ninety mile an hour, winds and rain. Fox's Steve Harrigan is in topsil, North Carolina. We've seen the beach gradually disappear behind me as the water comes up all along the island. It's pitch. Black more than one hundred thousand people are without power along the coast of North Carolina, and that number could rise across the state to one to three million thousands of people forced from their homes in the towns of Andover north Andover and Lawrence in Massachusetts after dozens have explosions and fires which seemed to be due to over pressurized gas. Governor Charlie Baker. Hon work that we're going to need to do all of these homes that in some cases been destroyed at least one man's been killed Fox News. We report you decide. Thanks. And they haven't. That they intend to use these technologies of weather modification, which can take up lots. Against enemies, they explicitly states that. Weather. Modification techniques have offensive as well as the fence of applications and can be used for parents. And it is having profound effects on our climate. What if it really were in a jam? And we wanted to really the earth in a hurry. They wanna wait forty years. Is there another option? Lord scientific solutions under the rubric. Where we limits solar radiation from the earth's atmosphere. I having airplanes disperse sulphur into the air particles reflect light back out into space thereby having a cooling effect on the planet. And you could also this giant balloons..

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