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He was on anything. He looked like. He was definitely wasn't on it, but I I would say I would definitely say fade or way more than city like not even it's not an in the same ballpark. Based on opposition opponents. Yes, yeah, I mean he had some fucking giant force fed. fucking guys. He was fight whereas in steep debate, hasn't he's he hasn't I I definitely put them in the same category because. Are you serious I? Say because look St Bay. I mean he beat DC. He also he beat. A Verdun he, he's beaten. He beat and gone new I mean. That was impressive. These. Aren't you know small guys that he's being off? beat the newest. Can say steep is the best heavyweight in the UFC of all time can make that argument. All the time every organization, but but but I think that you know he did. Call me a I'm not gonNA add. I'm not saying he'd be me, but he did. Take a a huge L. The first time. He, also his Stephan struve right, so whereas like fatal or are went through everybody real quick. You know what I'm saying once lost and then when he lost a what was it? Who Do you lose to produce them the first time? And then he lost A. Giant Silva a bunch of losses in a row and then he wants Dan Henderson wants he wants it's like once. He lost, he lost. But it was that time before that I mean he was you know when he beat our Lobski and when he beat some some of these, you know these these huge guys. He he was just running. The argument when they say best of that look at record. You GotTa look at opposition and I'm telling you I. think that George Saint. Peter's up there. I I talk about that for a second. Because front of you bring them up. Because so today. It got announced that GSP no that. That could be is GonNa Fight Gay t October twenty four. Th and they're saying that might actually be in in the middle. East which I don't care. He knows this is saying. Those people are gonNA come could be. Nobody's GONNA. We're GONNA. Make fucking masks. Be He's a Rockstar here. And justifiably so he's the. He's like wrapping wise, just ground and pound and I think he says. Although. I would. His Dad passed away and you know. His Dad seemed like a really Great Guy Beloved his Dad. Let's say great things about him. What I what I remember what I found interesting was after he jumped out of the cage to beat up dillon. That wasn't that wasn't I liked it, but that wasn't cool because it made it look. Like well, it wasn't a good look for the sport. That is are actually. Of Fuck. People are jumping out of cages to fight audience members. Not a good look at all, but You know he did say the one thing he he was upset about was that his dad was going to get mad at him like he was just like out of everything. The guy just made millions of dollars. He beat Conor McGregor He. He looked amazing. He jumped out of a cage. You beat up dillon bands all the stuff, but he was like. My Dad's like which shows you? Down to like a really human level that no matter like what happens like family is so important. That your Adam jumped off states and started. Attacking somebody at a comedy show Adams. He wouldn't be worried about how I. Wonder what that it'd be upset I mean maybe I think my dad would be upset. He was like also fearful that his dad was going to like. Put a whooping on like. He's just. I don't know maybe made him very human the me. It's. Very like Noah, it'd make. He's never come air human he. Yeah. He's a fucking Thomas Metron. I don't know where they got gotTA. Very, Nice. Day, she, if they stand on Vk, she's GonNa fucking clock the out. J. She's not. He's no joke. Man motherfucker move forward, and he'll take a beating, but he'll give you one, so you think he needs to be. Absolutely really how? I. Absolutely you had really yes. I'm I'm team. Just engage you day exactly. Like the both, but I'll tell you right now. Gauge he onto veep. And the new now I mean he's not better. McGregor was. McGregor on the wall. I disagree I disagree on the feet I. Mean the Guy We've got. You're on. The feet went. Ten rounds of Mayweather. I mean McGregor on the feet. Okay I understand, but McGregor on the feet is amazing I mean he's. The more hardcore I think he's marker. I think it in the pocket. Cheese Mahar as you will take some damage. E. Fuck fucking he's. He's got a rock head Abso- you even though he's like. The Turtle I do. I don't think he'll be looking of power vacuum. I just wonder what the impact of not having father his corner will be. That's the x factor. Whether it'll be even better, yeah, that's a huge hit on him. They said that I saw a couple of interviews with Dana White and then why said he's not even bothering right now? Because his father, he doesn't need one. I wonder what that's going to do. Because that could destroy a man or could he could even better. Motivate them, but how much better can be I mean? The guy's never lost I. Mean I I would say out of what his thirty fights he. He lost like maybe a couple of rounds. How many is? So even with conor. McGregor I think one round. We give yeah one round now why we'd brought up DSP because. could be said for his last fight. He wants to GSP and Dana said he would try to make that happen. Now there is a fight. I Don I. Don't know. To happen, I saw the interview, which ESPN, he said he said I'm retired. I'm retired on. No, let's say let's say that happens. At one seventy right? Also he's going to be forty one. Yet, but he look good look bidding. Sparked says being said he said I'm forty I'm forty at the time, said I'm forty. You've already how old. How old forty? Say? or This forty he's thirty nine. Okay, you're right, look. You're on it. You're on it. He's GonNa. Be Forty all right so a forty year. Old Esp is different. How else could be? WAS LIKE He's thirty one. Okay. Older, those Dagestani, is they just they come out with beards and stuff. Born babies beards. Somebody's don't get actual. Teddy bears an actual bears. GotTa look at it not if it was. In his prime against a be I, think they. Would have lose far well away the weight also, but also I think it's funny, because both those guys are the best wrestlers anime and they didn't wrestle in high school or college like. I mean Dagestani wrestling. He wrestled, but it's not. It's different wrestling. GOP never wrestled in high school, but I may wrestling's different, which is crazy, right I don't know who is I would think? The GOP has more weapons weapons. Man I've seen him. I haven't seen anybody even block one of his superman punches..

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