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So they just got a guy who kind of looks like him gave him a prosthetic nose and called no way I gotta go back and Rewatch, the back to the future to back to the future to a different dads. Yep. Even when they go back to the scenes where he's knocking out biff. Even on the back, the flashback scenes where they're going back and he's like investigating his little leather jacket that's not the same dad. Anything that would have been stock footage that they wouldn't have had to alter is probably still him and they probably gave him. A royalty but anything where it would have been danger I totally understand then you're talking about the parts where it's like it showing future dad or whatever. When he's like older, he's read the book that you know he talks about the exactly. Exactly yes. You'll never hit. Me Is still not have never guessed that it was a different actor though still very impressive. Yes Oh, he played Crispin Glover in number one in Holy Shit robbers America's did Direct. I'm on fire right now Looking up real quickly to see who was who is the data and the second one just. So I don't leave our five listeners hanging Jeffrey Weissman Wow. Oh man who if you look at him at his a IMDB? Be Photo now looks literally nothing like Crispin Glover got. He's not as well. So are. So now to the TRIFECTA, this one's pretty well known of Eric Stoltz who played The. Revenue Marty Right the movie mass squirt is a PC probably not to calm the elephant man he played him in the share movie mask in basically what I know from. But I I was sitting here thinking of Jim Carey's the mask I'm sitting here thinking Shimo can. You're thinking on a whole different level never mind never assist. So he was originally cast for in I, think they did a lot of. Filming and then they decided that he was in a good fit i. believe this is just me trying to remember off the top of my head, but he was originally cast until Michael J.. Fox. came in I mean how can you turn down doc? Hollywood come on now I mean hey. He, he was the teen Wolf, I mean Komo he only house once in a blue moon and that blue moon just happened to set right over the cast or the setting of back to the future. So. anyways that was corny and a terrible segue into number eleven. So we got James Remar and or raigmore. However, you want to pronounce that Aka Dexter Dad not dextrous laboratory. WE'RE TALKING DEXTER KILL serial killers because they do bad things and I'm a much more. evolved serial killer than the other serial killers He was supposed to play Corporal Dwayne Hicks instead of Michael Bane. You if you remember was released from Terminator. So in the alien franchise I don't know if you remember that or not. So an alien aliens yet aliens in the sequel alien there's that it's got. Ten and this Michael. Bane from you know the Terminator. Franchise. But James Remar, remark the guy who plays dexterous at all great actor and I you know I can't say how he would have been back. Then because I've only seen him in recent movies of a recent. Yeah. Recent movies in recent TV shows. I don't know how he would have been in the eighties. So He may have looked way younger not quite sure how he would have looked back then I've not seen interview with him that early progress done a good job. He's a great actor otherwise. So you know I think they did the right thing because. Is One of those memorable memorable movies where the sequel is a hundred thousand times better than the original the same thing that terminator did the same thing that? Those are probably the two best examples. So I duNno anyways. That's all I got for that one. I don't know if you have anything to say about. Nobody Yeah I. Love James Remar Dexter Dad. He was a great character phenomenal phenomenal character great commentary. Great like presence. He was fantastic. One hundred percent agree even in the late seasons ever trashy he was so good. All right number twelve again, something that you will have to provide more context to Samantha Morton from minority report was originally Samantha The operating system in the movie her I do know that she was replaced by Scarlett Johansson is that she does have a more distinctive voice in. An, and of course, the joke, the job row to may be having the same name was a bit too on the nose for them. If the could have a knows that is. It is sound lakes right because I did. Yeah. So Samantha Morton played a pre cog in minority report. That was a drug thing to say drugs ler minority report. So a lot of ways to measure Lich, and you say that title still a free college is basically someone that predict crime before it happens happens in the minority report universe with Tom Cruise great movie. If you haven't seen, go watch it. It's classic SCI fight by at its best in the two thousands. and she was originally tapped to play Samantha the OS in the movie. I I'm really glad that Scarlett Johansson much more recognizable voice. And I have never heard Scarlett O. Hanson's voice and not wanted to immediately fall in love have like an. Amount of children with that voice and just live happily ever after on an island far far away. So I think I did the right thing by replacing the casting I would agree with you orange take place in the next one this one is This could have been world changing. Yeah, right. So here, right everybody buckle up. In all you dimension hoppers listening to the anti-matter admitted to mention you know, make sure you've got your Butts Planet in a nice secure place because Tom selleck could have been Indiana Jones. He apparently couldn't get out of the Magnum Pi Contract for the movie So Spielberg and Lucas went with Harrison Ford instead. So I could see I could see Tom Selleck. Play Indiana Jones he wouldn't have needed it needed a whip. Because he's got his mustache. Tried it is to mustached everything do y'all. Which? I could see him using that mustaches a Nazi smack digest knocking guns at a Nazi hand just mustache whip, mustache with. All right moving on.

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