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And Matt Roberts is in the production studio producing the show for us today. Well, we were talking about trading, which is high frequency buying and selling in the markets. How that's one of the skill sets that we teach our students at the Trading Academy. Now, the other activity, though, that is important to talk about, as well as of course, investing in the markets. And I think everybody's I think probably everybody that's listening to my voice familiar with this concept, you take chunk of body. You set it, aside, you're going to invest it in the financial markets. So you're buying assets, you'll buy and hold over a great length of time. You're hoping that those appreciate overtime. Yeah. You wanted to go up in value. Obviously, I think most people are familiar, of course, with the concept of a 4._0._1._K, a lot of Americans have their money, and that's their life savings that they're chucking away in that 4._0._1._K. By the way, I'm not going to be. Antagonist. Is that the right word about the 4._0._1._K? Let choose the right. Yeah. Antagonistic. I mean negative about the four one. Yeah. I mean to an extent, I am going to be okay, so. But the coolest thing about the 4._0._1._K, is that if you've got an employer of this willing to match any part of your contribution will. That's just an immediate guaranteed return on your money, right? So that's the coolest part about it. The the downside to the 4._0._1._K is that it is a buy and hold investment, meaning that the investments that occupies space, as far as inventory, and that 4._0._1._K typically mutual funds are comprised of baskets of stocks, and if the overall return on those companies that are invested in that go down will then the value of your account goes down. Right, that the money is not protected to Klay in a one of the mutual funds you've chosen when you signed up for the 4._0._1._K go down. We're gonna lose money, right? I wanted to ask something else. Chris, you've mentioned that, you know, the big benefit of a 4._0._1._K, obviously, is that the company typically matches that's free money that they're contributing. Right. So we start off ahead, one of the most alarming things in my career as lately, in the trade plan meetings. I do with students, I'm seeing more and more people where they're contributing to their 4._0._1._K and therefore one k does not match. And I'm here to tell you I just had one of those meetings last week if you're contributing to your 4._0._1._K.

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