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Los Angeles Lakers beat Miami Wantto 2 to 96 LeBron James netting 20 of his 28 points in the second half, also telling 12 rebounds with eight assists. Jimmy Butler paces the Heat with 22 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. The lake Curs, though, Take a three games to one. Siri's lead NHL draft capitals Take Hendrix LaPierre in the first round general manager Brian MacLellan trading up two spots to get him despite the 18 year olds, recent injury history, You know, he's had a rough year with injuries, you know, we've had our doctors, our trainer, check him out a CZ. We went to the old draft process. There probably is a little risk there. But I thought that our vic where we're at the upside, just made up for it. Caps traded their 1st and 3rd round picks to Calgary in exchange for moving up two spots in the round. The team also signs defenseman Brendan Dillon to a four year contract with average annual value of $3.9 million veteran defenseman Michael Kemp. He's expected to miss the next 6 to 8 months after having surgery on his torn Achilles tendon playoff Baseball ale D S came to Tampa Bay leads the New York Yankees in the ninth inning, seven for the Rays have belted four home runs on the evening. Houston takes a tuo seriously over Oakland by beating the It's 5 to 2 George Springer. Homer's twice for the Astros. National League divisional. Siri's Game one. San Diego leads the Los Angeles Dodgers won Nothing in the fifth inning. Honest in Nola's R B I single is the difference for the Padres. Atlanta outscores Miami 95. Travis d'Arnaud goes three for three while driving, and for in that mix a three run homer that put The Braves ahead to stay. W N B a FINALS. Seattle SWEEPS LAS Vegas blasting the aces 93 to 50 down in Game three. Brianna Stuart's the MVP off the finals after scoring 26 points in the clincher. Dave Preston w T o p Sports Coming up after traffic and WEATHER. Capitol HILL lawmakers get the ball rolling to regulate big tech 11 47 Mervis.

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