Asperger, Nobel Prize, Paul Dirac discussed on Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku


In my book the future of the mind is a really difficult question because quite frankly we are children we are children when it comes to beginning to understand things like autism and well different kinds of mental illnesses and things like that but let me just say a few things first of all asperger's as you mentioned is a form of autism there's a spectrum of people with different kinds of behavioral patterns on one end we have people that are actually functional can function in society and some of them go on to win the nobel prize in physics and the fields medal in mathematics that's right paul dirac the greatest quantum physicist of his era ranking way up there with heisenberg and and shorter paul turek had asked burgers he hardly talked at all many people used to say that the unit of dullness is the direct because he hardly said anything at all except when he did say things he would go on to win the nobel prize and we'll put up whole areas it was he who discovered the properties of antimatter he was he who discovered the properties of quantum electrodynamics and he barely talked at all it was paul dirac and fields medalists not one but more than one fields medalist and mathematics have also been diagnosed with asperger's and so not all aspirin people are totally dysfunctional many of them go on to win prizes and the nobel prize in physics and mathematics now is it genetic environmental nobody knows however there is a definite genetic component because it does seem that autism runs in families to a degree is there an environmental component well so perhaps some people think maybe it's caused by mercury when you visit the dentist office or something like that or.

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