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So you're expected to win at university? Michigan? I don't care if your shame back Lor If your name was saving Mayer are Harbaugh. You're expected to win and you had the resource is that you need to do well, in my estimation. Um, And you know that I don't think we have bowling alleys and all that stuff they got at Clemson. But I don't think you need that. And You know, I just see. I just know that a year ago we beat a Notre Dame team soundly, And now this year, they're vie for the national championship in the programs have gone in two different directions since that game. Um, so we got to make some adjustments That said, you know, I love Michigan and I'm passionate about it, and I love the kids. Um and I want to see the coaches do well. But I really think that Jim's gotta talkto. Can I take Ward they should do together. I think they should talk to some of the ex players that have recently graduated, asking what they liked what they think is wrong with the program. What is good because they got to get to the bottom of what's going on. I don't think you know they're gonna point to personality. We haven't established a quarterback and all that stuff. I don't wanna hear that. Because I just don't see great effort. I don't see the schemes. I don't think they're well conceived. Um, but I think we could do better. I don't want to fire one person. I don't see anybody get go. I want to see him do better. And I want to help him do better if I could do it in any way, But I can't coach and I can't play and I don't call the place him. So, uh, I wish I could play. I was gonna go back to those days. Uh, those were the greatest times of my wife. I mean, you know, exhilaration of plan and wearing that uniform. Environment, and I'm in that stadium. How great fans and the wonderful teammates that I had and togetherness we had in the special feeling. And we had this inspired, you know, magnificent coach. And coaches. We had wonderful staff. All that went on the great success. So that's where I'm on that. I think you mean he started graduates distance. You know why James? Do the kids talk to Grad assistant's You're right. I mean, blade blade with that being said, I gotta ask you. I don't know if you had a chance to listen to the the the Zoom call with Jim and, um Ward. And how they were talking about the contract and everything and I look, I'm confused like everybody else around here as to when the season gets over. But I mean they're talking they're talking about. We're gonna talk on the 19 or after the 19. That's when they think that pleases Don't do with when the site one of the founding day it's the 16th. Yeah, that makes no sense to me. So I think that together, they got to decide. Uh, if Jim wants to be the coach of Michigan, I think he's gonna indicate toward that He wants to desperately and he's gonna also communicate. Changes that need to be made and how he's gonna implement them. And I think Ward has to come back at him and help him and say, You know, this is not right now what we're gonna do. What do you need? Well, what we do to support Tell me what's going on. What do you think? Uh And I think you have tell Jimmy and when you evaluate every aspect your program and I want to come back Come back to me. You know, any business that does poorly is going to go through a rigorous evaluation. Now. Contract don't mean anything, You know. I mean, look, if I want, you know this guy, these guys get contracts and they get buyouts and all that stuff. Really the hell with Dad. Jimmy's a wealthy man. He'll never if if he left tomorrow, he doesn't have to work again. Any assistance get paid very well. So I want to know what they're gonna do to fix it and how they're going to fix it. And I want them to know that just plenty of us that want him to do well that are anxious to help him and believe in him. But at same time jumps out, right. It's gotta be fixed. You don't go through a season like that in that and not, you know, looking yourself. So they gotta decide. I mean, it was gonna be here shake his hand. And this Toby was our coach. And then you know, I'm Jenny. Pay me. I'll go. You're the year. I'm not good enough get written. Let's do a deal, you know, broken have any contracts? I know things have changed, and now we have the celebrity coach in their paid huge amounts of money. Well, too much is given much is expected. But all these guys would coach of the game a couple $100,000 get in the car. You know, the market place is going crazy. Um, but you know, we're in a situation where where we could go either way. Um And we've got to start building and we've got to get back. We got a quarterback. We've had a lot of kids transfer that concerns me What kids want leave. Um, you know, we never now it was different rules, but there were no transfers. Um You know, the story about Lloyd and Brady. Brady came into wasn't playing and he said coaching, and I'm thinking about transferring and Lloyd look at him. And he said, You know, Tom, I'm surprised I thought you were competitive. I thought you got your guy was able to overcome adversity would do what was quiet and all the things that are necessary to become a great player. Because you're not right now. You have to develop. You have to improve, but I thought you'd take that challenge. So I'm shot, Tom. You know what if you're not that guy, then transfer I think that talk and a lot to do with Tom Brady and who he is today. Because he decided that he was gonna greatest teeth. He was going to make himself a player and he did has become the greatest player perhaps in history. Um, so you know, Look, you either win or you lose. And that's not that profound. So you gotta figure out you're gonna figure out what's going on. They have to do an assessment of what's going on now, so everybody wants to know about the contact contract contract. Well, I think we ought to be recruiting players that want to come desperately. The Michigan like Jamie Morris did. Guy did. I think we have to focus on the Midwest and we had to compete for the best players out of Ohio. Um, I think we are really evaluate the intangibles and I'm not sure what they do and how they do it. But Bill McCartney used to say ability this gives a chance. It's all the other aspect, you know, uh, a sense of purpose. Uh, determination to succeed. Ability to persevere through adversity to fight through it to earn the right We need kids with those attitudes. And if they don't have those attitudes, we don't need him. Now you're going to get some kids that might not totally understand that, but that's teaching. You teach them to think like that. That's the mindset. You know, I mean, I know. You know, there are guys that run companies and they teach the people they you know they their leaders and they say, this is what we're gonna win this. We're gonna do it. This is our vision, and this is what's required. It's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be hard stuff. We're gonna put the time and then we're gonna do it the right way. And we're.

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