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Trump john congregation is should girl. Scam got us. And i'm thrilled to be joined today by an old dear friends now that tiny but very funny very very funny very talented comedian writer. Miss priscilla davies. Hello congregation. it's a pleasure to be here if you listen to our bonus show cons. It's god fashions woo here. I go we did. I took a shot before. Sort of this trump. Then you've heard her voice before she's very familiar to us. I'm so happy to have her on the main pot guys some letters in a writing from some trump supporters who love this show so guys if you're trump supporter who lists show. I should probably turn this shit up. You have trump support is do and i don't court them i was like i'm not trying to give joy please. Don't listen. this is not for you listening right now. Enjoying every second of their the true scammers to me knowing damn well that. I don't want them to shut up to you during these trying times. What are you going to do that. Your racism guys goddamn just getting you still have it. How zinger it'll keep you warm at night. Racism like a weighted blanket. Your soul on. We need to some joy on today. Truly two thousand twenty raggedy bitch but today we celebrate and guys. Let's get into it. I won't. I won't give you too much. Politics be sprinkled throughout the episode dow honey. Oh wait we'll talk to assan there anyway. Should taste good. Oh god fuck your delicious asset dobozy raggedy bitch song and go. Yeah that's wish was. Because i want everybody adobo. We find by fook sweetie. Let's get into it. What's hot in fraud. Besides the number one scammer being booted from the highest office. The number one scam a busted. Y'all what a blessing. I'm sorry i was gonna get into a we don't get to can we all just relish. Canine in have a moment police congregation. We batted us. I'm so glad to show that the church today because this holiday with these reap region. Amen amen we got miss gertie on the oregon who's gonna add organ later that she does have authorites so the organ music will be a little shoddy but we go live to cook cook today. I just truly can't believe it. Who are free. I mean still black. Well we go pretend today like we completely free today. I am a white woman. I am farah fawcett in the seventy s cascading through my flax and lock. Oh farah we rebecca to see you guys. Could you see. Rebecca kills to free in america. Good would you like a watercress sandwich. Of course i would you have any sparkling water will absolutely actually. We only have flat sparkling too spicy for me. Go back foolish. I'm so sorry all of ya guys. Let's get into what's hot and fried. We've got a special listener. Letter from what's hot and fried. I need a name for this gentleman. He is from the bronx from the bronx Money ms or his name is Oh god the prayer hands going to the bronx. Let's call this guy. Bell biv melbourne. We are gonna call him belva because shoutout to philly mode tant. They're back and that is no. That's some voice. Is i say be be okay. Okay didn't know fight now. That was a bobby brown. Gotta find with pop with bellevue bone. You see that movie upbeat. He's in a different group. He's not he's not he's wasn't okay. Well now that makes sense all this adds up to say. Bellevue is the name of the listener. Leonard today right so he says hey scam got us and guess okay. Hello i'm greg analogy precisely for the structure of the show. So i'm going to skip pass the most but i will say there is a leg twenty twenty shot in here and guys we fucking dated leg twenty twenty. You guys went viral. With the shit's you've got let you shirts. In those shirts pros the proceeds went to black lives matter. That's the time where all the proceeds going to from your wolf. So you know you always also do we all support off the top at all. I didn't and i regret that. I sorely regret it but i did not skim off of the top. So guys we did it. We got them legs to the polls and and we love it. If you're in georgia runoffs happening is probably this week. Not i don't think so at all. I'm pretty sure a runoff process. Playing okay so justice into runoffs in january let me stop spread misinformation to vote on the wrong day. I'm meant but yes guy. Shanna to georgia followers. If y'all out there to georgia the day through may show you get out. I'm guest charles. Goes he's la- digits. The goes. I believe it so stay woke because it's probably going to be a run out often. We don't need those seats so you're gonna have to get out there and get that leg back to the poem on georgia. Keep that momentum. Going for those georgia peaches and those legs. You heard pulse back to bellevue. We all get there. What the hell we came here to do. You'll get there. You actually getting into a pretty quickly as say seven minutes ain't bad okay. So so belleville says. My name is bill via devo. I'm a latino who lives in the wrong. bk forever. He said hey. He lives in a very italian neighborhood. The first time someone tried to run this possible scam is started the same way so he said someone pulls up in his like. That's my young. And he's like see and sure because he doesn't like to talk to strangers and if you don't get means just means spanish but also like there's no official language of the. Us you guys should know that right. That's a fact so guy continues. He says i'll give you this jewelry for money so that we can me which is billboard vo. He says i don't have money. I'm so sorry and walks away which you know. What bells mart. You did the right thing. The guy tries to talk to a more and he says sorry and he walks away so the first time he didn't write in because he was like i dunno scam real. It could have just been random. And i didn't fall for it fast. Forward to the pandemic new york city and twenty twenty the day before the election. I believe ooh recent. We love fresh very fresh. He says he rarely goes outside. Okay a distancing king respect a duke distance and when we do go outside i wear a mask okay coup. That's what you should do. So he says a different guy in a different car. Same story same type of ring. Same family guilt trip. He said this time it was a guy who asked if he speaks spanish again and he had a car seat in the back of the car and a woman in the back seat. Assume ably with the baby but he couldn't see the baby So again Belva says i don't have any cash and the guys lead. But i'll give you this ring for gas money. And he's like sorry no cash and he crosses the street so he said. I guess this is a popular scam because it's the same neighborhood in the same pickup line. The whole give you jewellery to get gas things the same thing and family in the back seat assab story basically the whole same grip so then he did some google's nice we love google and the san francisco gay said drivers. Beware of roadside scammers offering gold for cash. It's fake now. I know you know guess hat. Is it gold ring. no In parts of california.

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