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Victoria. Bringing new perspectives wherever work takes us. Join DDAT an own career of possibilities, DDAT dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran. Weather from KFI partly cloudy today, but warmer, highs will be in the upper sixties at the beaches to the upper seventies right at eighty inland. We lead local live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Jennifer Jones. Lee, high is Dr Wendy Walsh. I have to tell you something I used to fear shorts dresses and bare legs summer was my worst season. That's why I got my varicose veins taken care of and west medical can raise your varicose veins quickly with their advanced treatments. They now accept Medicare and work with most PPO insurance. Call one eight hundred west med for a free consultation. That's one eight hundred west med one eight hundred nine three seven eight six three three or visit westmedical dot com. Incredible. Because I called one eight hundred westmedical back pain doesn't call in sick. It doesn't take personal days. It doesn't make excuses that was due Monday. But now you do don't let chronic back pain control your life, call, cedar Sinai, the number one choice for spine treatment in LA. The Cedars-Sinai spine center provides a full range of treatment options from pain management therapies to minimally invasive procedures. Call one eight hundred seaters one to learn more retirement should be one of the best times of your life, and they can be as long as you're not worried about money. Join us at a complimentary retirement planners of America's seminar, and we'll show you how to protect and maximize.

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