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And you put them on your face came you lived in india no no no he lived in in england in the uk okay that's i knew that k k went to this indian restaurant oh my gosh i'm having memories right yeah so you would you would have that like spicy delicious indian food and then you take that warm like lemon soaked towel and you'd put on your face and your brain inside your skull would explode this drinking this aiding indian food with the lemon towel i would make my ice melt so so that would be good this would be great within the actually i almost anything spicy it would be just alicia with i think it'd be good with most food yeah mowing food great food great pasta i this is like pasta veer pasta so one kind of additional follow up to central state is there a brett brett only burry so brett short for of icing brett brett tubman nice sees okay what's that it's basically a yeast strain that in general with brewers it's a bad eastern it's kind of a wild e strain that's associated with reuses them exclusively yes which is very difficult because brad my scene in general is sort of a wild beast and really hard to kind exactly that's the thing about it's an unpredictable kind of east that is exclusively does seems really aggressive it's yeah i mean it's a i think it's probably because it's a challenge for them and it also can make some pretty bombs speakers like this just knowing that like ups the reputable.

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