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Hello, everyone and welcome back to the Halley car show. This is Grace, curly and how he's executive producer. I'm filling in for the captain. And I'm so honored and humbled to be doing so I've had the best few days here. We've had some amazing guests. And actually, one of them is just coming up now, Scott. How Ansel from Red State. Thank you so much for being with us, Scott. No thanks for having me again. It's just gonna have to talk to you first. I have a few a few points. I want to go over. But first, can you tell everyone you wrote a story in the title is Ted Cruz is a wise and battle scarred Canadian Trailblazer. Can you tell us? What what inspired this column. Pretty much the liberals fawning over Justin Trudeau's, uh, reared S O political, wrote an article I believe was yesterday that talked about how true does Beard is a sign of him being wise and battle scarred? And and how it's just he's grown into this beard and all these other things that are just absolutely laughable. Can I realized that I was gonna read one part of that actually read one part of that, Scott, so people know it What they said the beard was significant. A symbol of a once youthful prime minister, who was now older and wiser and battle scarred. Many headlines were written. It was a simpler time we had nothing better to do than debate the merits of facial hair as an indicator of gravity tests. So This was a headline. I got a lot of it got a lot of press because people were thinking. Wait a second. You know who cares that he has a beard. But you pointed out so many Republicans about beards for so long, and they haven't gotten any credit for it. Right. The only thing that they had talked about what Ted Cruz and this is, you know, to Ted Cruz is credit is that they talked about how he was more attractive with his beard. So in other words, they simply meet it made him a piece of meat. In discussing his his beard, nous but in they never talked about wisdom or or strategy or being battle scarred as a result of his of his beard, And so I decided Toso, those How does a pardoned Ted since no one else would. And Scott? I'm gonna quote your story now. You said it wasn't until soy boy Trudeau grew out of his whiskers during the covert 19 lockdowns that suddenly having a beard. This story worthy. Do you think if they had Looked into his black face as much as they are now looking into his beard that there would've been more stories on that. I think I think that this just goes back to show that the media is it will praise the left for doing the things that right does and criticize the right for doing things The left does. On so it it really doesn't make any sense for for us to try to make sense of whether or not the media's trying tol, you know, be fair. We know that they aren't We know that they're not trying to, uh, talk about this From an objective standpoint, they just want to get out there and make it look like Trudeau is some somehow be wiser and and more stages, a result of growing a little bit of facial hair. The next question I have for you because it seems like today there was so much news about the press giving themselves a pat on the back. And specifically, I was thinking of the open letter. I just read it in the last segment. That Julie Wolf tweeted out to journalists where she said, You know you are strong. You are important. And then Maggie have vermin tweeted out that you know, chief thinks the press corps is That it's rude that Trump would have a 7:30 a.m. call time on Christmas Eve to do that to the press. Have you ever seen a more self congratulatory group of people in your life? Absolutely not. And that's one of the things I mean, especially with some of the articles that we've been riding over a red state where the mainstream media has been extremely critical. I mean, Jennifer van Laren. I did a whole series of articles. 100 Biden business dealings in China in October and we were called Russian dense information, conspiracy theories, everything under the sun. Now, the sudden it's a It's a Germaine. Story and the media's covering it. I think that it just comes down to the fact that they, uh it's blind. They're blinded by their own by their own bias. They're blinded by their own egos. They don't seem to sit back and think Maybe I need to moderate how I approach these issues or deliver this information. It's no longer about informing the opinions off the public. It is about shaping the opinions of the public. That's the way the media treats it. I totally agree and they're heroes for shaping it the way they they want. Um Scott, my next question for us. You've also written a lot of pieces about coronavirus. Hypocrites. Specifically, you wrote about the governor of Rhode Island and the governor of California. Is there anyone lately Because it does feel like these stories pop up once or twice a day where someone broke their own rules. Is there anyone lately who stands out to you as being a major hypocrite? Obviously in this is but I mean, my own bias is living a resident state of California. I think Gavin Newsom is the numeral Uno. Uh, coronavirus hypocrite, not just because he's violated his rules, once twice, three times, four times five times. He continues to violate them. His auntie Dancy Pelosi violated them, and he had nothing to say about that again. Gavin has his own rules for him. He's been willing to travel out of state, something he's asked us not to do when he went when he went to campaign for Biden in Nevada. He had a large dinner with no masks in indoors at a very fancy restaurant. He's got his own rules that he had lived, choose to abide by and then decides to shame us all inside. With with his with his restrictions, and, frankly, I think enough people walking up to the fact that he is such a hypocrite, and I've never seen more intention. Tolo, an effort to recall the governor in the state of California. Since we did recall Gray Davis in 2003..

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