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Here's the thing with Tom Brady. He's like, yeah, everybody's telling these guys that they stake. But they're really telling them is that you're not supposed to be starting in the NFL. Yeah. Right. And by the way, maybe they could start in the NFL somewhere, but they clearly not supposed to be starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers intended for other people to start, right? Like that was what they play I was, but the idea though that what got me about him being out, right? And him being gone, is that nobody could come up with an easy what's going on here, sort of thing. That was the part that intrigued me because it otherwise it could have just been like no big deal. We knew this was going to be the case. He'll be back in third day here or whatever it is. Nobody could do that, right? So then pay 6 gets involved, right? Now they start talking about his queen got a problem with it and everything else. And who knows what the issue was in the short term? I got no idea. I do feel pretty confident saying this though. I ain't gotta know that man to know this. I don't feel like you gotta know that man to know this. He told that woman he was done, and then he was like, ha, psych. I'm back. And I assure you, that's not what she was here for. That's not what she was going for. And I don't even necessarily think that it has to be something about her getting his time or any of those things. The reality is, when he coming back in there, pissing blood 'cause he'd been taking him kidney shots, who'd have wanted to house they got to take care of him. Like, who's the one that's got to watch him in all that pain? Who's the one that's expected to then get him through? What happens? And you don't know what it does to somebody, psychologically, and emotionally, and how they express that in their private moments.

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