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And then, okay, here's, here's something really drives the wall. So predators society, right. From what we've learned from them, they're like really big on like honor and all that rights. So why does this predator go? You know what? I'm gonna throw my arm by the way and run away like a coward like, that's their thing. That's the predator equivalent to like committing Harry Carey. Right, right. So I just like math, fuck it, not Harry Carey. Yeah, there you go. Harry actress, what Harry Carey, same. It's same thing. Whatever have you point is you're right. He just kind of throw it in the middle right there and it's gonna blow up all these AIG, but there's no more human. So those aches just a little tendrils face things. Hi, there are still in there. I know. But why? What? What if they're in the middle of like a deserted part of the planet, what's the rush to have to blow it up now? Why not wait go back to the ship and then just like blow the fucker up with some guns on there. It's just it's. It's like it's stuff like that. But then again, it's like all right, whatever. Like why is doing sign language. Let's just that quick. This. The pizza pie it up, and then they'll fun to go. It's just a silly it is. It's so silly like. We're cool now because you killed one alien which also on one thing I always had. I didn't even mention that last time kills him with a spear aliens Tom for acid blood, how come the let never sprays needs. Oh, yeah. Well, that's that's an all these all the move. They play their real fast for all the movies is still always bothers me because acid blood is the coolest part of aliens to meet. Yeah, because the way they portray it, how strong it is, how effective it is. When our experience shit, I'm always a fan of the the viscous fluid that they're covered the moist west, all that like Ky. slathered. But wonder if there's a Lou brand based off of the alien fucking to know there is definitely definitely one based out that predator blood, I'll tell you what is there really probably highlighter in Incans lube. There you go. You can fuck with the of a predator lease. Please proc- the next time that you have sex that you're unprovoked just like bringing some like k, y jelly and like some green highlighter fluid into the mix and be like, hey, tonight. And then put on a predator tonight. No, I can't promise that at all can grow the next time you have sex. Can you. Right before you finish. Can you look in the eye and then hit a button for tape recorder, right behind him. That has Billy's laugh from the end of the first movie, right? As you finish your staring at all. She hears this. And then you blow up. I actually just do that all the time. I've practiced Billy's laugh money, so then I can finish like predator on cue me. Come on. To me, and then that was it to never have sexist AMI. Okay, late. I learned it after you, but. This whole movie is all movie is just the works that this point sign language, samurai slices. I don't like it this point. I'm just waiting for the end to come at the c. and for me, this is what I wanted all along. I was. I've been waiting for to become the dumb fun action movie that took over an hour to get to. But my thing is like, look it. So when you think climax to alien vs predator, you're gonna get something that's gonna be the coolest shit ever. But this movie is already disappointed me at several points during our excavation here. And when I get to this point, you just don't get that. You just don't get what you want. You never get what you want. It's like going to toys r. us on your birthday and your mom's being a bitch. She don't buy nothing because you're being a bread. I was being a brat. I deserve a good alien vs predator. Finale that's what I want. Tell us about Sammy. I don't know, but I may not know exactly what I want, but I know it's not this..

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