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I forget it must have been mutation and Exported the pdf. And then when everything back on the mac again so that was that was. That was the word the word era. Then we moved to pages and pages got the ability to do you know to export those those pdf's and then at some point Nicest writer pro came out. And we love nicest writer. I've been using nicest writer like since the nineties. And and having those. Mac rose and the incredible rebbe searching. You know nicest writers. Just the cat's pajamas. When it comes to s- powerful customizable word processors that you can bend to your will and so that was. That was what we used up till the end. But the problem for tidbits is we need to be faster. So with with nicest writer which is great word processor. We use dropbox to provide the collaboration. And i don't know if you guys have done this kind of thing but when you get into a dropbox scenario with a document based up you really have to version the app because of anything goes wrong. Then you're you're you're like pouring through dropbox versions trying to figure out the right one. It's just easier to have a system and we did this because we'd have like three people author editor and tanya may maybe me so three or four people who'd be looking at a file and so we'd always have an out folder and what you do. Is you see. Move the folder into the out folder and you'd rename it With your initials and version number and then when you checked it back in you would leave a you. Put a copy in a leave. A copy in there We had an old folder. Putting and so that we'd have this just like selection of version. One two three four five six and you can always see who done what in the in each version and when you're working with a hundred and fifty page word processing document that's one hundred megabytes because it's got big images in it yeah e. Corruption happens sometimes. So you really need to do there. And it's just it's just too slow to do the renaming and moving all the time and google. Docs just does it. All you know. I mean yeah you get a lot of color sometimes. But that's about the extent of the problem with google docs. So let's talk about that for a minute because the docs is excellent in the sense that you can have three people in document at the same time typing in it's not gonna trip on itself yeah but And and that's where people stop. Well that's why. It's good at collaboration. But i would argue that you know. There's more to collaboration than just contemporaneous writing. And how do you manage that. Like how do you open. Google and you know whether adams riding on the josh has been writing on her tanya zeman well and think one of the mistakes people make because they think this like simultaneous writing is collaboration. I'd almost never happens like it's it just doesn't and it's it's actually an actually most of us who are in the tidbits world don't like it so like if you see if you're working in a document and someone else comes in usually you back off and part of it is like let's say let's say julio has written an article and i'm editing. It and josh comes in. He shouldn't do anything. Because i don't necessarily work entirely linearly so you know i'm i'll start at the top and i'll work my way down but as i get further down. I see why this is to here now. So i'm gonna go back to the top and fix that stuff at the top that i either i changed or needs to be fixed because i understand what's going on the full document now so so having like having two people in a document it wants can just be confusing. Because just because you've done something doesn't mean you're even going to commit to it like i might go and revert my change because now i understand why. Why those tech that. Why those words were there at the top. And so yes so usually we. Don't you know like formal about it or anything. But i think we've just sort of all come to the idea of someone else's the doctrinal for awhile so so so here's the thing so let's say. Julio submits an article. I will take an edit pass on that article and all the edits i make as sort of quote unquote primary editor. Julio has to approve and he has to approve or reject them. He doesn't get to ignore them. He can reject them if he doesn't agree with them. Although at that point usually say is approve it and then change it again and explain why you've done it. Because i made the change for a reason if he comes in and another editor same thing julio is the is the guy who gets to approve or reject josh changes. But after the first writing everyone works in suggesting mode including julio so when holyoke comes through an approved an in rejects my changes if he makes additional changes which is going to likely because like kill sima. What am i changes like. Oh i was trying to do. But i'm going to rewrite it. My voice He his suggesting an is primary editor. Get to approve his changes. And so it's important to set those roles of author primary editor and and to have the rules of who approves who's changes and the fact that they must do so you don't get you. Don't get to just leave them so the document is always gets more colorful and unless colorful more colorful less colorful and we will often take two or three passes on a long article you know. So so it'll go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth in that happens often in slacker in trello depending on sort of the the immediacy of it the person who actually do the most of that with his glenn fleishman because glenn is incapable of not writing new stuff on every pass takes so he'll just think of a better way to say something and everything so each time trade the thing back and forth. There's there's fewer and fewer changes but it will often go like four or five passes. Because i got a great new way of explaining this comedy. That's great but now. I had to make two edits and that new stuff so we glenn has say.

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