Ethiopia, Kim Jon, President Trump discussed on Red Eye Radio


I'm Elliot Francis. Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight planes have been grounded in China Ethiopia and the Cayman Islands after one of those planes crashed in Ethiopia over the weekend killing one hundred fifty seven passengers on board correspondent David McKenzie tells what is known about the last few minutes of flight six minutes after taking off from that very busy international airport there in Addis Ababa for the flight to neighboring Kenya. They lost control lost contact with the ground control in Ethiopia. And then soon after the plan appears to have crashed about an hour's drive south east of the capital. This was a brand new Boeing seven three seven eight hundred max with more than forty passengers and crew on ball three countries say they're acting of safety concerns because this week. Crash was the second following another max eight that fell into the ocean off the coast of Indonesia in similar circumstances. Last year killing all aboard. One attorney representing R Kelly says the singer denies being on yet. Another videotape that allegedly appears to show him sexually abusing young girls. See Greenberg says he hasn't seen the tape that attorney Gloria Allred says one of her clients turned over to law enforcement. Satellite images show or so signs that North Korea has restarted its nuclear program. It could be on the verge of a missile launch is national security adviser John Bolton on ABC's this week. The president said he'd be pretty disappointed. If Kim Jon nine went ahead did something like that. The president said repeatedly that he feels the absence of nuclear tests, the absence of ballistic missile launches is a positive sign, and he's he's used that really as part of his effort to persuade Kim Jon that he has to go for what the president called the big deal, complete denuclearization and eastern Syria mortars, artillery explosions and nearly nonstop machine gunfire right now as US backed forces pound the last.

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