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Hold off two defenders now because we haven't even gotten to the lead early offensive by again but now with the new name only needed a new look to show our vision we've partnered with a true visionary so please welcome mogul designer mayor of Tallahassee and owner of the Lakers Sir will die as out pain and really good well it's a cartoon white man licking the blood off and okay well I'm going to watch the show now together the powdered wig looking to bloody bad let's go to the list Sir I just hit my microphone whatever it's again it's really dark and if if if every if you'll as he sings politically and you can't just ignore some of that you might have a problem with it but the humor is second to none I can't even I could even say most of the quotes from that show all right race stage acro quick what's up man now that much right now without pretty chilly start we're gonna wrap it up pretty nicely to get into the afternoon double the wide most likely be in the low seventies because I wanna shower rain went early tomorrow we get trucks on the market sixty they walk welcome vivid seventies will seek shelter from the tropical Sunday night and early Monday all right man thank you very much appreciate it watch that show by the way the event hello mark Meyer it's on IFC insulators all right thank you Sir and we'll come back chat with Jeff Ballenger next thing on being a top notch business means doing the right thing all the time that's how come in a reference always operated and now is no different look confident roughing it is in the central business people need roof repair it cooked up in your house or maybe wanna get that roofing project done so why not work with a company that's done what they need to do to adapt to what we're dealing with right now you're gonna love the service you get a lot of it's going to be virtual now and the work is always top notch that's covered a roofing in a nutshell that's why I recommend them learn more covenant roughing USA dot com covenant roofing USA dot com can you go to the doctor without going to the doctor yes in fact Blue Cross North Carolina urges you to stay at home and see the doctor via phone or video we're covering these virtual visits the same as in.

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