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Three technology advisors and I saw you guys tagged us on twitter. So appreciate that Advisers what I do I do. I already tweeted so on any of those channels. Feel free to reach out to us again. We are working hard making sure everyone's up and running. Obviously you know we're small business to say the least. Obviously we don't feel like a small business but we don't WanNa see anyone you know just to show lack of preparedness. Everybody jokes about like you know the toilet paper aisles. And that kind of stuff now Somebody posted a picture earlier from best. Buy Literally every compute. Every laptop was gone webcams on Amazon. Like fifty dollars one studio where listened for one hundred fifty five before they just sold out. I mean these are. They're not fifty dollars. People were walking twenty S. The nine hundred thousand people were walking in on Saturday and Sunday with laptops. They just bought by the dozens. Never seen anything like it. We've never had a laptop at home so now I have one so I work like nuts shirt though yeah we just don't WanNa see any businesses implode just because they're not ready so that's really our main goals make no good very very timely so literally could not have worked out any better no doubt Jason We're GONNA cut you loose but appreciate it. Hope you feel better. All the best to the FAM- a hope they feel better to on. Thank you for the great content. We appreciate you really appreciate it guys. Thanks for having us on. The show gave hope that You're getting a little better over there buddy. Now that's that's Bob. Knows the difference between those Shari Bob Like brush up there man. I'm the one with these social anxiety and drinking problem. Bob's the one on grudges. But Hey we're GONNA cut you guys lose to appreciate it. See Three tech advisers. We're GONNA wrap things up with this episode three thirty nine here of the it and the D. Show thank is to print capital one for keeping the lights on on behalf of Bob. Dave and rainy do us all a favor. Drink drinks get your phone numbers? You don't gotta go home..

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