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I don't want to listen to you, because I try to hear every perspective I can, but that's one where I'm like, man, what are we doing here? How is anybody still a doubter of Lamar Jackson, especially after beating the chiefs on Sunday Night football? The argument is dead and I can't listen to that anymore. Okay, let's talk about the Raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders are off to a great start to the year. They're two O. They just beat the Steelers on the road in Pittsburgh 26 to 17, and by the way, the Raiders have now beat two teams in a row that were playoff teams last year. Last week they'd be the ravens a week one. They'd be Pittsburgh this week in week two. Now you have to acknowledge that the Raiders did catch a break. Star edge defender TJ watt left of the game early for Pittsburgh. He did not play the entire second half. But on the other, you know, the flip side of that is that even though Pittsburgh lost TJ watt. And then also later they lost offensive lineman Trey Turner who got kicked out of the game. It's not like a raider for playing a full strength either. They're running back Josh Jacobs did not play he's hurt. They didn't plow their guard rich incognito. Remember they lost their other guard Denzel good week one with an ACL tear. So it's not like the Raiders were at full strength playing against a full strength Pittsburgh team. Both people lost both teams at a player to get hurt and losing TJ wat a massive deal. Do not get me wrong. But I mean, let's just be clear, both teams are at a disadvantage in certain ways on Sunday. The Raiders found a way to win. Now before we talk about Derek Carr, I just got to say, I'm feeling really, really good about this raiders football team. There's a lot of young guys stepping up and making plays. I want to list a couple of them. Trayvon mullan had a nice interception he's a corner and year three of his career. There's another third year player, tight end foster Moreau. He had two big catches against Pittsburgh, one on a back shoulder seam ball and later he had a touchdown catch. Both of the Raiders tackles, by the way, Colton Miller and Alex leatherwood are former first round picks they're young. After the beginning of their career, receiver Brian Edwards should have had a touchdown. He's a stud. That guy mentioned Alex leather would actually have a holding call that got that called back. Henry ruggs, there are number 12 overall pick from last year. Second year player had a long 61 yard touchdown, and that's, by the way, why they drafted him was to make big plays. And he finished with hender rugs finished with 5 catches for a 113 yards and a touchdown. Then you have hunter renfrow who's an underrated slot receiver who does great work and is really good at getting yards after the catch. He had multiple key first downs for the Raiders against Pittsburgh. Now watching this game a couple things became very, very clear early on. Pittsburgh's mission was to shut down the Raiders star tight end, Darren Waller. And they kind of did that. Darren Waller had 5 catches for 65 yards, which by his standards is not an amazing football game. But the other thing that became very apparent, it was fun to watch about this game was that because their game plan focused so heavily on stopping taron Waller. It gave other players opportunities. And it was so cool to see the rest of the Raiders young roster step up and make plays and kind of rise to the occasion. Now, I want to talk about Derek Carr, the Raiders quarterback..

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