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Of it now, I don't know. Let's just sounds like a terrible like well. It sounds like a vacation for spiders like a party. Yeah. It sounds like a nightmare for me. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. For sure. But on the bright side, according to biologists. When temperatures drop the NATs will start to die off. And that will then mean the spider population will decrease because there will be less food. Okay. Good. You guys can go. Also, like sad. I felt like a lot of Greece has a lot of tourism. So if that's a whole beach country, I I had a friend that he's from there, and he would go and just show video and pictures of like cliff diving and him and his friend just jumping into the ocean or water, whatever's near there is some see the Mediterranean. Yeah. But it is beautiful. This does not look beautiful. No, this looks terrified. And this is not what I want vacation photos of hollowing, horrors. Real life. Yup. So this looks terrifying. Never want to go. And I hope I'm sorry, spiders. But I hope that you your population dies off soon. The maybe. Yeah. I'm very sorry. I'm sorry. This looks terrible. I don't want this best of luck. And we're gonna take a quick commercial break, and then come back and keep talking about some weird news stories is Ron Don. About it. Bodice?.

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