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Provide your Janice Hahn has introduced a motion instructing the registrar recorder to mail every voter in Los Angeles county a Balaton says she's concerned about what the pandemic will look like in November but I don't want people for a second to hesitate on casting their vote on says the registrar's office will come up with a plan for implementation let us know how you're going to do that's what it's going to cost you she says people will still be able to vote in person if they choose Chris and Carla okay if I knew president trump says the country has made great strides in the battle against covert nineteen nationwide to percent of tests that come back positive has declined very significantly last week roughly thirty eight percent of the test in New York will positive this week that number is down to twenty eight percent trump also said the rate of new infections in New York are down fifty percent compared to a week ago he also says the first at home testing kit for covert nineteen has just been approved by the FDA the news is brought you by sweet James Bergen are from out of all the current cases in so cal you can check out our website that's K. F. I. A. M. six forty dot com and the key word is corona virus from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy we have a crash on the one a one in Encino this one is a long of the southbound side coming up on Haskell they've just cleared it out of lanes and traffic is slow moving getting away from Balboa it's tough in Ontario we've got Mike o'brien with an update K. and find the sky sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com hello there angel the uproar both work is that the culprit here is the sixty eastbound approaching haven at the fifteen interchange right near Ontario International you've got the two right lanes blocked the way the offramp third all close there at all have been all afternoon bumper to bumper now well through Euclid exit their pick of Philadelphia north of the freeway or the temple work for you the ten east value got signed up for the fifty seven at the Claremont and they want to get Ontario into Fontana a very tough drive at the Santa Ana canyon right now ninety one east bellow to get past April highway the first stretch very heavy to Green River and then again approaching the fifteen in the role that injured in an accident there's a triple one super lawyer dot com Michael Bryant KFI in this guy KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I.

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