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How in the world and Paul Manafort meeting with Julian Assange and the president of Ecuador somehow escape these eagle investigators at the Obama Justice department. Greetings, welcome back. Great to have you my friends El Rushbaugh doing what I was born to do sitting here behind the golden e IB microphone, fastest three hours in media. And we look forward to chatting with you. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. I saw a startling statistics today. What did I really put this here? It is. And it's it's from Breitbart. So I tend to think that it's valid. Illegal immigration now this headlines kind of misleading I think, but it's still true. Illegal immigration under Trump on track to hit the highest level in a decade. Now when I saw the headline my thoughts immediately went back to November of two thousand sixteen and December of two thousand sixteen and even November. And in January two thousand seventeen you remember back then? We were hearing it was being reported that the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border was falling like crazy was declining incredibly fast that the numbers of people trying to get into America illegal was plunging. And we were told the reason why is because we just selected a new sheriff. Donald J Trump, and he was going to shut the border, and there was going to be a wall, and these people knew and then on the other hand there were some stories. Hey, they're really ratcheted up there making a mad dash to get in while they can because Trump is not gonna put up with it. And indeed, President Trump was elected and of the top three issues. They've got him elected dealing with illegal immigration and all of its ramifications is the number one reason he got elected. Very close to also draining the swamp and returning the levers of government to more. Contact with average ordinary Americans. So this testing that illegal immigration under Trump on track to hit the highest level in a decade. And here's here's the text. Illegal immigration at the United States may border is expected to hit the highest level in a decade next year as border-crossing surged to record levels last month last month illegal immigration at the southern border soared to the highest level for a single month since April of two thousand fourteen marking the most southwest border crossings since Trump was elected in twenty sixty the record illegal immigration outpaced projections from Princeton researcher, Stephen carpets who expected about thirty one thousand five hundred and five border crossings last month, the actual border crossings exceeded those expectations by forty percent. The southwest border numbers. According to carpets research indicate that fiscal year twenty nineteen we'll see the highest level of illegal immigration at the southern border in more than ten years in total. Carpets projects that there will be more than six hundred thousand border crossings next year. A level of illegal immigration. The country has not seen since two thousand eight. When the total southwest border apprehensions exceeded seven hundred five thousand that's apprehensions. Now folks six hundred thousand illegal immigrants projected do get into the country next year. Is the equivalent of sixty caravans, roughly speaking. Does this news surprise you? Now, we know Trump is not gotten the money to build the wall. But a lot of people are under the impression how many news stories. Do you see on a weekly basis monthly basis of all the new deportations and all the people caught Napper? Hamden sent back has the impression not been given that illegal immigration is much more difficult proposition. These days it's much harder to get in because Trump has got the border patrol and ice and they're working with a vengeance. Nobody has said that it's been arrested. Nobody has said that Trump is stopped. Nobody's made that claim. And again, this is not the New York Times reporting. This this is a Trump supporting website Breitbart. Saying that there's going to be a record number well record since two thousand eight. Six hundred thousand illegals will make it across the border next year. Now, these are projections based on current numbers. And there's still no money for the wall. And there doesn't there is no eagerness for any money to build a wall anywhere other than a few pockets. Of conservative congressman on the Republican side. They're outside of that. There is the impetus to stop this. The evidence that there's no evidence to stop. It is it it's not being stopped. Now, we've got the caravans and the caravan of five thousand seven thousand thirty five hundred whatever it is the caravans are microcosm of what we thought was a relative comparative, trickle. Emma, caravans have all of the ingredients. I mean, we went into survivor Somalia Black Hawk Down. We went into Mogadishu because of a picture of a starving. Somalian baby would flies buzzing around his head that picture took us in Mogadishu. Now, we got pictures. No, we have stories and pictures of Trump, separating leathers friend babies to horrible. Now. We've got Trump teargassing. Mothers and their babies simply seeking a better life from their war-torn native country. Horrible. Six hundred thousand folks, this can't continue. We're never going to have a more focused anti illegal immigration president than we've got now. And we're going to set a record. Well. A new high since two thousand eight two thousand eight fiscal year seven hundred and five thousand apprehensions projected six hundred thousand illegals will make it across the border next year. President Trump's strongly defending the use of tear-gas the Mexican border to repel a crowd of migrants that included angry rock throwers. But it also included barefoot crying children says AP. So here we go again, you know, that famous Reuters picture that fleeing woman with her three children. It more and more looks like it was staged if you look closely at the background of a picture bay the pictures been cropped if you look at the whole picture, you see other clusters of people posing for cameramen and if not posing they're just standing around. Nobody's fleeing. There's not the setting where that woman is seen racing with her kids. It's not an emergency circumstance. You see people just basically sitting and standing around everything is posed here, adding that tear gas is being used and by the way, this woman, I mentioned this earlier. This woman is supposedly has completed a thousand mile or more journey on foot. And I'm telling you this woman could rival Oprah at the plus clothes rack, it doesn't look like the woman is walked anywhere. And here she is being portrayed as a war-torn suffering starving. Barely getting by now getting teargassed by Donald Trump. But see none of that matters. Because the media is outrage over Trump teargassing kids is perfectly time to replace the media's outrage over Trump's separating children. Critics denounce the border agents action of tear gas is overkill but Trump kept to a hard line quote. They were being rushed bison some very tough people, and they used tear-gas Trump said he said, here's the bottom line. Nobody's coming into our country. Let's say come in legally roundtable of Mississippi later on Monday, Trump seemed to acknowledge that children were affected asking why is apparent running up into an area where they know tear gas is forming, and it's going to be formed and they're running up there with a child. Because they're being paid to because they're being threatened to there being directed to. Cowardly thugs have done since time immemorial caravans are using women and children as human shields. These women and children are being threatened. These women and children are in fact being used to create these very photo ops. Border agents say that rock throwing migrants pushed women and children to the front of a horde. I have no doubt that that's true. Department of homeland security one hundred ten percent surge in migrant men using kids to enter the US it's rampant fraud. Educated on a legal loophole that lets migrant families with kids, Andrew the United States. The homeland security department reported today that men showing up with kids at the border has increased one hundred ten percent in the last two years. Homeland security noted that children could be used by smugglers and drug traffickers to enter the cul. How many frigging loopholes? Do we have here? We've got this loophole that if you get to the border from a country, south of Mexico, you automatically get it. Well, you get the claim asylum become from Mexico. We can stop you. Families are using fraud to game the immigration system. Homeland security said that one hundred seventy families have been caught lying about their relationship. Standard meaning relieving families are just making it up. Guy finds a woman they pick up a couple of straggling kids, and they show over the border and claim to be a family who's got ID are coming from a war-torn area where they're non-citizens. We don't have any. I d I heard I didn't need ID to vote. I don't why do I need idea. Mexico calls for full investigation of US tear gas at the border migrant dies and clash at border bridge from tear gas tear gas used once a month at border under Obama, see this is this is you wanted to one of the most frustrating things for me. Is the ineffectiveness of news like this five years ago almost to the day Iraq, Obama was tear-gas his border patrol was teargassing tons of people that were storming the border illegally and not a single word about it from anybody at the drive by media, not a single concern. Even nobody in the media was even worse. They may not have even peaking known. But even if they had no they wouldn't have cared because Obama can do no wrong. And Obama was never gonna be reporting a bad light like this. So now, it's five years later, and you tell people outraged over Trump's separating families and Trump teargassing, wait a minute Obama did this back in two thousand he did not Obama wouldn't do something. I know about who wouldn't do that the ineffectiveness of the truth. About democrats. Five years later seven years later. I have to admit it's frustrating that that stuff has no impact on people. No effect whatsoever. Anyway, six hundred thousand illegal immigrants. Projected to cross the border next year. By the numbers now while these caravans are being dealt with people crossing the border. But wait, rush, I read that Trump shut it down for five hours. I read the same thing. No, no, no, don't misunderstand. I'm not I'm not accusing Trump of anything. I'm pointing out the. Nature of the problem. It isn't stopping. And each day that it happens is a. Further just another drop of corruption. Another drop of poison or pollution. That's affecting the overall American culture and society deluding it watering it down ever so slowly. It's not stopping. We'll be back. Don't go away. Talked to Lindsey Graham for the Limbaugh letter. He thinks the democrat party is on the verge of having a major major fracture and the Republicans are unifying around Donald Trump. Find out why. But never Trumpers have no chance in the next Limbaugh letter. Subscribe now at Rush Limbaugh dot com. You're listening to the network..

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