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Nathan the house passed the latest in a series of bills to end the partial government shutdown, but it has little Republican support. The measure would provide twelve point one billion dollars in disaster aid and reopened the nine shuttered federal departments and dozens of agencies through February eighth, but it does not include money, President Trump is seeking for a border wall. Meanwhile, we're learning a growing number of federal workers caught up in the shutdown been tapping into their retirement funds to make ends meet the story from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. It is a sign of how the government shutdown is squeezing day today. Finances federal retirement thrift investment board data show thirty four percent jump in the number of hardship withdrawals in the two and a half weeks after Christmas when compared to the same period last year the data goes through January fourteenth. First weekday after many federal employees, miss paychecks the outflows mostly come from investments run by black rock the sole manager for four of the thrift savings plans five individual funds. Charlie pellett. Bloomberg daybreak. More than a million government contractors are also cutting back on spending the White House doubled. Its estimate of the cost of the shutdown on the economy saying it hadn't been counting the effects on contractors. The Pentagon says a suicide bomber in Syria has claimed the lives of two US troops into Americans. Billions the Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the killings. Three service. Members were also injured in the bombing Patrick Shanahan acting secretary of defense says they are reaching out to families of those injured and killed our fight against terrorism is ongoing, and we will remain vigilant and committed to its destruction last month, President Trump announced. US troops would begin to withdraw from Syria. The New York area is about to get a reminder. It's January Bloomberg meteorologist, rob Caroline reports. Michael we are very weak storm system headed towards the tri-state area. It's going to cost not developed just after midnight. It'll fall through early tomorrow morning. And I think we're probably gonna see accumulations under an inch across the Tri state area actually, the precipitation looks like it's gonna mix within change to a little bit of light rain tomorrow morning before it ends temperatures near forty. But it certainly looks like it could cause a few problems for tomorrow morning's commute, especially the front end of it when we're still dealing with snow between about five AM and six thirty AM Michael then this weekend. Another system has the chance to dump more snow starting Saturday night. Global news twenty four hours a day on air that tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg. Nathan, michael..

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