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On in the spring about half of it was a dead but he left it alone did always just left to do its thing and now as we come now I wonder to get it through the winter and I don't know why I would have died anyway what should I do fertilizer and if so what and when. okay here it's getting too late to fertilize that great right now so don't do that in hard to say why part of it died yeah it's it's part of it may have died due to winner desiccation winter kill some people call it but you can take a hard proving that just make sure that you're doing that deep watering as it stays dry maybe one okay and even during the the winter months if we don't if we don't get much snow in the winter time at every four five weeks give it a good drink when the temperatures are above freezing okay and come springtime further back to back cart in the spring time it should be just fine that's that's not unusual to happen and sometimes it just get right back at the plant gets older. I give it any special fertilizer just. given that you know for standard delivered allies are. yeah well just a regular shrub fertilizer or are you you know vegetable or fruit tree fertilizer it's something you can put down in the spring actor begins to resume grow. thanks for your call sherry I appreciate time for one more break time goes away quickly we're talking to John pretty but we'll be right back right here around the house. I can't remember when he didn't.

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