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Racism misogyny anti semitism any it was awful awful part is it was caused by a student in the class student in the class did a post on reddit saying everybody can come raid the disruption of opportunity Greg stealth for work could see Wilder's office of information technology I think a lot of us came into this number really thinking about the security concerns down for says teachers and students are now taking advantage of some security measures that we can all access on zoom out starting with protecting your meeting ID and taking advantage of the password option that's first and foremost is to make sure that you're not sharing this with people that you don't want to to have it really control people sharing that you're right they could go on and share that with other people but there are some other things and you can do as well with the latest zoom updates down first as a number of security measures are only accessible with this one button it's our partners did fox thirty one Colorado parks wildlife will be staffing entrance gates during high use times at cherry creek and chaparral state parks that announcement came over the weekend CPW officials say there were connectivity issues for people trying to use a debit or credit card when the gates were not staffed that led to problems maintaining proper social distancing the weekend staple of SNL wasn't in its usual home but live the live from the houses of performers SNL was not broadcast women B. C.'s studio eight H. New York cast members did their thing from home performing solo bets with help from musical guest Chris Martin and host Tom Hanks live from his kitchen this is the first time I've worn anything other than sweatpants since March eleventh technically the show went off without a hitch but will it make you laugh it's SNL Christopher Watson ABC news and finally.

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