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To help balance the budget is to make a college in university students. Pay a little bit more. I don't know if that is something that bill bill end up doing but it is certainly a possibility now with the scott. Not in the governor's mansion anymore and it is a situation where tuition has not gone up for you. Know about a decade now so You know it. It is an area where you could argue that you know. Maybe that's something they could justify a trying to get a little bit more money. You can also say though that the university experience is not what it was a now that you have the coronavirus into limitations on on campus activities and things like that so pretty much. Every state is is facing a budget crunch right now of proportions because of the pandemic How likely is it. Do you think that the the biden administration and congress will offer some kind of stimulus. I'm kinda lifeline to to state and local governments. That need it. Will that seem to be the biggest issue in the The last over a coronavirus relief package and the way that they were able to get. That package approved was to take out the help for state and local governments in you saw republicans in the senate and to some degree in the house Post to that of days. They seem to think that it would help. Blue states more than than red states. Like florida which you know have been more aggressive. I guess about cutting budgets Don't have maybe as large of a budget Florida vs new york. It's a different philosophy on spending. And so you. Rick scott's a florida's us senator often said. Did you know that would bail out blue states but it would also benefit. You know states. Like florida. Florida is projected to have billions in a budget deficit. Going forward so. I think it's still potentially on the table for another round of corona virus relief but it shows how difficult it was to get approved by the fact that they had to take it out to get this. This last bill passed. So we'll see. I mean it is an issue. Where if if the state and local governments are cutting spending if they're laying people off Than that could deepen the economic problems that the country has an end limit The ability of florida and other states in the nation to to climb back from this deep dish that we've been thrown into what about options for raising more revenue we know republicans aren't fans of tax increases. But i know there has been some talk of either expanding Sports betting sports gaming As as a revenue source or taxing medical marijuana which is not taxed currently. Is there much of an appetite for for either of those proposals to to get through in the session they will certainly be some discussions about it. But there hasn't been any efforts like dat since when charlie christmas Governor there was. They raised some of the sin taxes taxes on tobacco and things like that to help balance the budget. It's it's a tough vote for republicans to take. They worry about getting hit in primary elections from the rights from people accusing them of raising taxes..

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