Senator, Bruce Kojak, Barack Obama discussed on Ken Matthews


Business for over twenty seven years in fact factor one of the. Few companies that have been. Around longer than their twenty. Year warranties. And isn't that really who you want to do business with somebody who's been around for a long time give them. A call you can find out more information by going. To their website lifestyle solar Inc dot com that's lifestyles solar Inc dot com come summer you'll be Be glad, you did Has a cowboy Smile on your face The coolest Ruka Nita stake in. Have Bruce Kojak gonna show Around Interesting desert mama Kallstrom laminates join him The right side of the left coast I cannot believe that. This first our has come. And gone it has gone by quickly I've got a lot more to share with you A lot more. In this briefing that he gave us for instance He took at that time Senator. Clinton down to the West Bank got her opinion on, the wall He also took a young, Senator by the name of Barack Obama at that time didn't have any ideas gonna..

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