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What creek i mean that that traditional this still out there brigham beer and eating brought worth talking about gorman thomas bangers and it's two of the really great surprises i mean 'cause it's not surprising that new york boston houston a really good but i think it is really surprised and the other thing is the athletes of the braves and phillies and how the nationally east is undergoing a a really a completely a complete overhaul of the division peter love the time is always let's chat again soon thankful out reggie you got it enjoy the draft in and good luck to steph curry's uncle looking for work at another surprise to we saw them this weekend the oakland athletics are two games over five hundred right now they complain about how loud we reporting in the presidential suite of our hotel the big slick on on thursday night okay true they did and we talked about it on our our show on friday from kauffman stadium so there are a couple as fans who heard our conversation about how the as were complaining that lettuce were complaining about how loud we were going at it and after the as on the big slick friday night beat the royals sixteen nothing i got a tweet saying hey on behalf of oakley and our fans can you party dependent again keep it going keep it going to over eight four four zero four rich number look who is warming up right now on our calloway corner but none other than craig t nelson for birdie just roll it.

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