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Six twenty three twenty three minutes after the hour while accuser Lucy Florez, it's accuser number one. Of course. I'd support Joe Biden over Trump in twenty twenty. You got a sniffer versus grammar. Plus galore standing by eskimo Joe saying the metoo accusations against him. Do not disqualify him from being president. One wonders if Pelosi galore got sniffed. Mika Brzezinski Frank's face, it's grossing amount this morning, meek Brzezinski sticking up for Joe Biden, saying he's extremely affectionate. Extremely flirtatious in a completely Safeway Whoopie Goldberg, aka Karen Johnson. Oh, tell me she was sniffed. No. She says I don't want Joe to stop kissing and smelling women's hair. Joy blowhard view knew this was a Republican that did this. They'd be all over the Republican. But there they were we'll be Goldberg Meghan, McCain, joy blowhard and the rest all defending Joe bite me from being a creeper Dianne Feinstein defending Biden amid inappropriate saying, it's hardly sexy. Well, no, we're not saying, it's sexy. It's inappropriate. But the hands that come dangerously close to the breast of some women I've seen. Yeah. I mean, we've seen again that is a picture. That's all too frequent along with the hair sniffing. And the pulling in women enclosed, it's it's a mess. Let's go to Tony Cockeysville. Tony good morning. Good morning, gentlemen. This isn't just inappropriate. We're talking about adult women that if you have the time, and I would encourage you to watch the entire video notches snippets because you need to see how he interacts before he cut his young girls. There's a video from two thousand fifteen of the swearing in ceremony with probably about a half dozen girls, and where he places his hands creepy Bessant girls. So he won it almost appears that he's touching her her chest area. He puts his hands so close under their arms and squeezes. Emma, Sasha's just follow their breasts. He plays with their hair. He sniffs their hair. He rubs them is. I swear if this wasn't Joe Biden, if this was a teacher or someone in charge he would be charged with a sex crime because sex doesn't just have to be somebody's. Close off this man when you watch it when he gets a group of girls, he's like obsessed with axing asking who's the youngest. What's your what's your as what your age he wants to get the youngest girl that he can? And then when everybody else is interacting. He's standing there staring straight ahead. Still massaging these girls. It is. It's really sick. So we got young girls mature women, and we have at least one example of him with these hand on the knee of a law enforcement officer, a male. I gotta tell you, Sean, Frank. If this man did anything half of what I see on that video. And I urge you to watch it if he did half of what he did on a video to my two young girls. He'd be flat on his rear end. Because I would not put up with it for one second. But he uses his power. You can see how he does it how he controls these people into allowing him to do this. This man is nothing short of file in my opinion. He has a pretty strong statement. But but again, I would say he does use his power. He does use his position. Mission has leverage over over these women and these women a lot of them. Sometimes you could see him physically squirm. You could see how uncomfortable especially the young girls recoil and the parents standing there. They don't know what to do because this is the vice president United States, and it's so obvious in this video from two thousand fifteen this man is getting some kind of gratification. I look at sexual, but he's getting some sort of personal gratification out of touching these young teenage girls and girls and the hair sniff, and Tony the hair sniffing to me is just like there's something seriously wrong with him. That's a sort of act. It's resolved in an intimate nature with your spouse or your lover. That's a handshake or a slap across. Yeah. That's a different. I understand you you place a hand on somebody's shoulder something while you're shaking their hand. Get that. That might be a little too touchy. But this guy's pulling these often it's from behind. He's pulling these women into his body. He is sniffing their hair. And we we talked about this before this is not he's aren't new allegations regarding the vice principal I've had people that get real close to your face when they talk to you and you back. All right because I like that. Coalface talkers. Seinfeld episode, and and I back off and they still come closer. They it's like they I don't know. They're trying to intimidate you. Or what I tell Whitaker executes most of his barter deals. I understand he gets right in your face and won't won't leave until you sign on the dotted line. He's a knows man. 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