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Guys who would really impact this line of make it a lot more realistic not just to go deep into the postseason, but to win the division because I think that should be the Giants goal from here to avoid that whiled one game wild card scenario where you're leaving a lot up to chance. Carrie Crowley journalists. Of course he is in a Pasadena. He sounds like he's in your backyard, but he's in Pasadena. So we get you ready for the final game. Two Dodgers and the Giants tonight, right here on the SportsCenter than the Pirates, and then it's the Dodgers again. Coming our way. The thing that's been really interesting. We were talking about this. Obviously, you get a guy like floor is hitting the home run, and Rogers gets the save and all these kind of things, but I think we all like bargain hunting. We like to go to T. J. Maxx and find things that others cannot find. And so that's kind of been what Farhaan does when at his stops, and this is what he's done to this point. So do we know we don't know the guy whose in contention and how aggressive will be because As you point out, you could go to the Cubs for an outfielder in a closer and Brian Kimbrel, But that really hasn't been what he's done. So do we have any sense of Will he go bargain shopping and have a big smile on his face? Or will he finally you know? Break out the pocketbook and actually, maybe go for something. If I had to take a gas, John, I would say that the most aggressive general manager in the division of the trio of Andrew Friedman, AJ, Preller, and Far anxiety is going to be a J. Preller. There's more pressure on him in San Diego to win right away, particularly with the off season moves. AJ Preller is not afraid to make the big splash. But Farhan Zaidi has such a better reputation of actually. You know his eye for talent, developing meaningful pieces to this giant organization. The Giants are 5.5 games in front of the potteries because of what they did during the off season and the Padres. The splashy moves that they made haven't necessarily worked out. Their starting pitching has been in shambles for a lot of the year because Blake Snell Joe Musgrove, they're just not going deeper than five or six innings. And so let's put a ton of stress on that bullpen. I would expect something under the radar, maybe a Marco Scutaro tight move, not necessarily saying the Giants are looking at an infielder, but that kind of a guy in the outfit. Field or, you know 1/4 starting pitcher who ends up having a breakthrough with the Giants because they teach him a new pitch or refine his pit shape. I think that that's the type of thing the Giants have done so well over the past two calendar years, and I do think that that's the type of move that they would make because they're also reluctant to trade Prospect Capital, and they're also reluctant to shake up a clubhouse. That's been really, really good. So a small Medium type edition seems to me the more realistic path for the Giants and the big blockbuster move to go out and get Bryant and Kimbrel or Gallo and Gibson and do it all at once. Well, they're getting Marco may have seen under the radar at the time. You don't win without Marco Scutaro knows that Charlie Culberson This year's group to to make a trade like that. Do you think there's any way in hell They would trade Ramos or Luciano. I mean, if you got you know, Bryant, would you give one of those guys opera Kimbrel, Would you give one of those guys up? And we keep hearing his name out there for a variety of reasons. Do you think they are actively including Joey Barton and trade discussions? I would say Greg. It's more realistic that Joey barges traded than Eliot Ramos or Marco Luciano because Joey Barton on the 40 Man roster, and the Giants are facing a 40 man roster crunch. I think that guys like Mauricio Dubon, Tyler Beatty, also potential trade candidates for the Giants. I think that you look down at the prospects Camilo dove all for a team that wants a young, controllable reliever. You look at Alexander Canario if a team has a 40 man roster spot and can put Really promising Giants outfield prospect on their 40 man roster. He could be included in a high profile trade because the Jack trying to get Evan Longoria back in the 60 Day, I l They're going to get Tommy La Stella back from the 60 Day, I'll Aaron Sanchez Reyes Meron to candidates to come back from the 60 Day. I tell you have to find space for these guys. So a two for one where you're maybe saying BT and do Bond, go for someone where you're bringing in a relief pitcher Bart MBT and do Bongo for someone where you're getting two guys back. I think that could be a realistic move for the Giants. Just because you have to massage this 40 Man roster equation. I know that's not the type of talk that makes trade so fun right now for Giants fans, but it is kind of part of the big calculation that, Farhan said he's got to make with all the different veterans coming back from the 60 Day. I l in the coming weeks. Yeah, that's a that's a good point. We're all looking at Brian and Kimbrel. And as you said, I don't think it's going to be that although Jim Mountain came on yesterday in the afternoon show with T gave me any throughout of three names, he threw out Marty of the Marlins. Of course he throughout Gallo. And then you mentioned this bitch. Hanniger is I love Mitch Hanniger. I think he's under the radar. I think you could even maybe throw Kendall Graveman and then the former A. He's having a great year with the sinker always had some injury problems. But Marty Gallo hanniger, What do you think of that group?.

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