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President Trump says he's in support of it. Universal music publishing buying this song on and all about Dylan's other songs to deal in selling the entire 600 Song catalog, No official word of the cost, but some say the deal could be worth 300 million. You're listening to ABC News. Our top story. The covert 19 transmission rate in Oregon is 1.5. That means each person but the virus is giving it to at least one other person. Public health director Rachel Banks says. At that rate, the daily average of cases will top 2000 is forecast tells us We remain on pace to overtop or hospital bed capacity unless we turn things around soon, Thanks says that's possible of more Oregonians wear masks, follow social distancing and avoid groups of people. Hospitals have already started scaling back elective surgeries to make room for Mork over 19 patients. Oregon health officials are planning for the Visor Covert 19 vaccine It requires alter cold storage. Organ Health authority Director Patrick Alan says Not all health care facilities have that capability. Part of what we're gonna be able to do in this process is steer vaccine. The different parts of the state based on what those cold chain requirements are little journal and other vaccines only require regular refrigeration. So those doses will go to facilities that don't have the ultra cold storage. Vaccine will start to arrive December 15th Portland police have released the name of the cyclist. It was killed in the crash Friday afternoon. He's been identified as Jean Corti had happened on North Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Union Court witnesses and the drivers say Kourtney appeared to be weaving in the bike lane when he suddenly cut across all lanes of traffic. Bullshit. Organ Governor Kate Brown has ordered flags to be flown at half staff today in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day into statement, Brown said. We've been of it every day for the bravery and sacrifice of the United States Service members. And especially over a debt of gratitude to the people who served and gave their lives not only a Pearl Harbor but throughout World War two and a surfer was bitten by a shark, its seaside cove yesterday afternoon. The person was taken to the hospital for treatment. That's a look at the latest news. I'm Philip Dash News radio 11 90 k e X, peaceful Vibes. Spectacular Views lives just a little sweeter this time of year at the central coast of North Carolina, Treat yourself to a cozy get away and take in the crisp air and relaxing sounds of the Central Coast. Water and Joy, a.

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