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In the years after traffic Conte's death, more evidence came to light. His lawyer, Frank Redondo claimed that just four days before he died traffic Conti had opened up to him when speaking about president Kennedy mobsters called him by his nickname Giovanni, the two men were driving together when traffic contact turned and said, quote, we shouldn't have killed von. We should have a hobby. Here's Frank, Redondo, son, Chris regon oh, confessing to the assassination of the president of the United States and my my father was just in shock. He has an all you couldn't believe that they actually had done this. He had thought they discussed it. I had all that evidence. In November of sixty three. I have a grand jury, and I'd have an indictment conviction or not's different story. It is unlikely that we will ever know for certain whether santio trumpet Conte, and Carlos Marcello hired Oswald and ruby. But sometimes traffic Conti was certainly unique in one aspect throughout his life. The quiet Don kept out of the limelight and never spent a single night in an American jail. It's not an understatement or an overstatement to say Santo trough. Conti was the big mafia fish that got away. In the next episode, even with the mafia's long history of violence, one chiller stood out Albert Anastacia is one of the the craziest and most violent mob bosses in history. Yes, he was the head of murdering corporated and hand picked some of the worst killers imaginable. But anesthesia himself took violence to another level, his metality new bands. He killed more people than some serial killers. Nothing makes you wonder around psychopath even other Muffin bosses feared him. And in the end they had to get rid of him to save themselves. Thanks to the black tux for sponsoring this episode. This has been an audio, boom and world media rights, co-production hosted by me, fleet Cooper. It is produced by audio booms been hustling and Rachel Jacobs and Bettina Vasquez for world media rights. We had editing help from David Markowitz with additional production from world media rights. My Gerald za Benguela special things in this episode to rob Peterson. David McNab is the series creative director and the executive producers for audio, boom or Brendan Reagan and Stewart last follow mafia on Spotify or subscribe on apple podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you find your favorite shows..

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