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FM. Ready to get back on the campaign trail. I'm Joe Chiro. Fox News President. Trump says he feels great, even saying he's immune after being treated for covert 19. White House doctors as a president no longer needs to be in isolation. But the White House has yet to say if the president is testing negative for Corona virus. We're still waiting to get that we make it an indication about that tomorrow. We're also waiting to see how many, if any of the White House staff that tested positive if they'll be coming back to work in this new week, the president Okay has a busy week ahead of multiple campaign stops. It starts tomorrow in Sanford, Florida, right outside Orlando Functions. Mark MEREDITH Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Also back on the campaign trail tomorrow. Joe Biden is making to campaign stops in Ohio tomorrow, and that's significant because until recently his campaign is really not put much attention there said They've been putting their time their resources into nearby battleground like Michigan and Pennsylvania, which were seen as more winnable and would maybe bleed over into that state. But President Trump carried Ohio in 2016, and it's seen as a crucial state for his re election and Biden's plays following a recent poll, which shows about 7% of voters. They're undecided boxes, Jackie Heinrich The sort of Judiciary Committee begins confirmation hearings tomorrow for Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney. Barrett. Republicans hope to confirm her before the election. Democrats say it should wait until after topics that are going to be discussed over the next few days. Abortion, gun rights, immigration also healthcare No Democrats expected too heavily focus on health care during Barrett's hearing her views on the affordable Care act well known and documented, she's no fan of that act. Democrats worry that Republicans want to get rid of the in the middle of this pandemic functions Day with spun TW America is listening to funk snooze. And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen Kriebel. There's some professions where it makes sense to protect us all against unsafe for dangerous operators. That is why we require training, registration and regular updates for people like doctors, electrician's or food inspectors, for example, but required certification is often.

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