President Trump, Special Counsel, Paul Manafort discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Austin ninety nine point seven. He did it on purpose. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. That's the ruling from a federal judge who says President Trump's former campaign manager lied to the special counsel's office voiding his plea deal in her ruling. Judge Amy Berman Jackson says Paul Manafort made multiple false statements to the FBI the special counsel's office. And the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the Russia investigation. Manafort was found guilty of financial crimes in August. Then took a plea deal to avoid a second trial on related charges that agreement required Manafort fully truthfully, completely and forthrightly answer questions about any and all matters of interest to the government Manafort is still bound by terms of the deal, but special counsel Muller's office is no longer required to honor its contractual obligations under the plea. Fox's Steve Rappaport US and Chinese negotiators beginning trade talks ahead of a March trade deadline achieve US on voi-. Trade Representative Robert lighthizer and his Chinese counterpart shook hands at the start of the meeting but said nothing to reporters present. And Trump agreed in December to postpone further tariffs on Chinese goods all the two sides negotiate lawmakers getting ready for a vote on the compromise spending. Bill ahead of Friday's deadline. Howson thin it could take up the spending Bill tomorrow, though, negotiators are still finalising legislative texts. The agreement reached would fully fund the government to the fiscal year and provide one point three seven billion dollars for border barriers far less than President Trump had requested. Neither side got everything at wanted in this Bill, but both sides one will Boyd and other shutdown. Democrats Republicans House-Senate Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is urging the president support. So far the White House says it's withholding judgement until it has reviewed the final product taxes Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill. The Federal Trade Commission says romance scams have surged generated more losses and consumer fraud. Reporter to that agency last year. This is Fox News..

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