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Twenty three point five seconds left to go into overtime in miami and denver tied up at one hundred and thirty one points apiece it's denver's basketball underneath chemo murray just got shot walk out of bounds denver's got six seconds on the shot clock here and here we go we'll bartlett he throws it to the outlook wilson chandler you bought through chandler for three that would miss rebound down to jane johnson l the pass over to tyler johnson shock box turned off a timeout call by the miami heat we'll keep this whole here are down out of timeouts the miami heat still have one after the us this one here bolster will try draw grind golf game winner if they hit via the driver's seat for the win and if not if they killing off a look at a double overtime what birth mark springer had mind when they came to work today sitter basketball game though nuggets trying to five hundred so far the seven game road trip with that disappointing loss to memphis the other night look into bounce back here again against miami we actually spend the night here in miami tonight the leaves it wait the morning early afternoon chicago travel on the day off to steal one here in miami that's not easy to win both title on is now over getty substitution and they do mason plumlee with the game for denver and yokich fermoy miami james johnson wait ellington josh richardson gore on your kitchen kelly for denver.

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