Senate, Russia, Barack Obama discussed on Embedded



The white house team starts what ben calls a full court press to get the votes in congress bainer says he supports it personally but won't help with any votes the administration realizes house is a lost cause they push for a resolution by the senate foreign relations committee but it starts to look like they won't be able to get enough votes in the full senate then obama ben and the team go to a g twenty summit in russia and on the flight home obama tells ben something surprising about says he talked to putin and suggested that the us and russia destroy syria's chemical weapons and putin agreed for days later the syrian government also agrees which means the us will not bomb syria my fellow americans and then neither wanna talk to you about syria obama announced the plan to destroy the chemical weapons in part because of the credible threat of us military action as well as constructive talks that i had with president putin the russian government has indicated a willingness to join with the international community in pushing assad to give up his chemical weapons the assad regime has now admitted that it has these weapons and even said they joined the chemical weapons convention which prohibits their use the us and the un eventually removed thirteen hundred tons of chemical weapons and destroy them experts say that's more than any us air strikes could have accomplished but for so many syrians it's heartbreaking like look assad got away with it again he destroys some chemical weapons and the international community leaves them alone to keep his own people america's not the world's policeman terrible things happen across the globe and it is beyond our means to right every wrong but when would modest effort and risk we can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer over the long run i believe we should act.

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