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I want to see every single one of our teams be competent. And more you know i want to see them have a soccer project that is admirable. I wanna see them connected their community and have people care deeply about their team and the results and everything that goes on within the organization but they got some big big work to do because right now they're saying it and this decision is a direct reflection of that and so i think changes come in certainly on the roster side that a lot of contracts coming up they signed deals with a bunch of guys before twenty twenty. Well it's to figure out how they can reset and they need a hard reset badly all right. Let's get to the us. Men's national team the roster. We'll get the mailbag. We'll get outta here. Charlie what do you think. Twenty seven guys called in by gregg berhalter. No gio raina. No christian pulisic. Those are injury issues. They could come in says gregg berhalter maybe could be called in mid cam. So it's a big tvd on that one two home games for the us In this go round instead of to away games to home one away. It starts on thursday jamaica in the us. And then you're gonna travel to panama always classic there. And then you're gonna host costa rica in columbus to finish it out. It surprises for you on this roster or did all make sense and we could go through the whole thing but by now people have seen it. They've listened to scupper. They've listened to total soccer show. They've got it pretty. Well figured out you do have weston mckennie back. No surprise there. Greg halter saying like he's fully back. We have with our business. We've talked to westin. it's all good. All guys dropped that you thought might be here. Just sergeant dropped walker zimmerman there. James sands not in this team people on this team. Conrad also not in this team you have. Uk based players and. Tim reams stephanou. Nancy robinson is are not going to travel to panama given its status as a red list country quote unquote and the ten day quarantine that's required upon return. Espn's jeff caro carlisle. Excuse me reporting that. One general guebuza was in for welcome qualifying. That's new. But i think the one that you're probably most excited for mussa i am. I was mussa for yunus mussa. Because i was.

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