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Well you all that being said obviously, you know Texas. came out. You're sitting really pretty in the points right now you know, and obviously we're only one round deep, but looking at the schedule you know I. It's Kinda thrown a wrench in everybody's plans. Because you guys kind of had the schedule lined out. You know what I mean, and and in preseason mindset of the rhythm of the season, and all that's kind of been broken apart now you know, and now everything's Kinda thrown up in a blender, and we've got the month of May, and August and all kinds of craziness. Going on, you know, and it's like how's that affected you in in you and the team? I mean because you had preseason. Flow the season would be, and now it's kind of like you guys are completely. You know everybody's kind of throwing it as blender and really not knowing what to expect. Or you know I think. Should pool from maybe some of your dirt explaining it. Next quarter you know just. You know turn by turn, and just trying to be as flexible possible, but you know I the thing. I like about it so much. Is that you know Texas especially being a one day show, people thought it'd be a disadvantage for the guys like myself. Growing have a couple of years under our belts, but really it was kind of an advantage because you know. We only got one session to go out there and run the car. And it, usually the second or third session of the guys like Dixon. Hunter A and power that they have twenty years of experience. They can come back from and be like okay. These are the little details I really need to focus on. So I think having things off. Rhythm is a little bit of a level playing field for a lot of younger guys. just because you know we don't have you know fifteen years of an indycar schedule programmed into our heads. It's just we're still kind of taking it day by day and I think you know we're just happy to be back from the race car I think that's the biggest thing it doesn't matter. If we had to do seventeen races in one day, you know I think all of us are just. This one time has given us something. It's just given us that appreciation for driving not that we have lost, but we didn't focus on as much before you and I think that's funny. You mentioned that because that was actually one of the things I know me as a driver, an offroad, obviously you in Indycar drivers are all of created equal in in a sense where I think we took for granted a lot of things in our careers. You know and it's like something gets taken away even. Even, if it was just a couple of months, and you really start salivating for, and it makes you appreciate not only that, but you know fans and everything else i. mean you guys just ran a race at Texas Motor? speedway that you normally would have a a packed house and there was nobody there and outside of your teams, and and a few select media personnel. You know it's I think this whole thing coming out of at the other side I think it's really given US A. Lot more appreciation for what we have and one things do happen like fans coming back and things like that. I think it's GonNa give us even not that we didn't appreciate fans before, but now you know we really appreciate them. You know you know. That's exactly right. I think you know everything in life that we're doing. You know you don't truly understand it until you take a step back and get to view it from a different perspective. And I think especially with this. I think that we all had. A lot of us, you know it's our livelihood. What we we do each week so for us all to be forced to take a step back and start appreciating it from a completely different angle, and a longing for it I think yeah, just made the passion for it. All grow a little bit deeper I know in that time I went back and revisited all of my favorite raising is I watched you know like six or seven years old and you know I just I became merely a fan again, and then I got to remember. Oh cool I go to Texas and like five days, so you know it was. It was a reward after a long break of just. Sitting and thinking about racing well and I think that's one thing that's funny because I think. Everybody Away I've done a lot of interviews and we're still kind of coming out of it, but I I feel like everybody we we've. We've got to show more of our personality through social media and things like that because we didn't really didn't have racing to talk about you know so. It was like people got creative. With their social media, and what they were doing behind the scenes, and I feel like fans now have actually got. A deep appreciation for drivers because they've got to see sides of these drivers that maybe they didn't get to see before you know. Yeah man I mean I. I feel the girlfriend. We built a van over the winter and you know basically like. Rock climbing backpacking out of a you know when we went to Saint Pete it was probably like sixty percent complete and It was time off. Definitely gave a lot of time to get the thing close I think we're like ninety percents. finished with it now. So you know I do appreciate that, but yeah, that's the funny thing is I see so? So many requests now my could earn my instagram for non relate non racing related things. It's you know. Hey, where you been climbing at or house, the van coming along you know what else are GonNa? Do to it so I think yeah, we definitely opened up more of a personal life in the past three years or three months. Say because. Well you know life goes on, and we don't have raising talk about You know we're still people we we still have things to do. And I think that's been fun, so I hope a lot of. Don't lose that once we get back into the heart of racing, you know I've always been more open with the things that we're doing, but it's fun to see things like you know Dixon and power just hanging out with their kids and being a dad. You know it's little stuff like that I. Think Connects Connects everyone. Well, I will say you know. There was a little bit of racing. That happened during during. You know kind of the months off. Obviously you know indycar an IRA saying got together and did some stuff and I do have to Mitch and I mean you know you did finish top ten during at indy during the month of May you know so, that is something Zach. Yeah. I think we've finished top ten Moteki I close in Michigan. Yeah, the, so you know. That was fun. It was it made it kind go by a lot faster. Say before I racing thing came back. you know the Whiz felt very long, and then all of us started logging six hour days practicing down in our little. Dungeons and basements they could then Yeah, you'd look up and you'd be like. It's Friday or any okay cool. I go racing again, so you know luckily I? Don't think all the time we all spend on. Them didn't call too many divorces in the racing. but the fun thing at the end of it. We had a wives and girlfriends race, where all of our off better half got to get on the semi, and compete against each other and I think of a whole everything thing, that's probably my most enjoyable moment, just just letting them see kind of a little bit into our world and and just step into a coaching role to or just you know. Helping people along I think we all kind of. Fun! I will tell you and I know obviously he's a good friend of both of ours but poor. Alex Rossi I know he did a couple of my off-road events to and. He. Just I think he's one of those guys that. If there's anybody that's thankful to get back behind the wheel of a real race car is definitely Alex Rossi because he doesn't have a second career racer like I throw Alex. But his SIM racing career, it needs to be shelved. Same though. Like the oval 'cause like relatively anyone jump on the fence and go fast. All the ovals 'cause like the fix setups or good, but on the road courses Rossi and I really like together for like three seconds off the pro like send guys more like all right. This is embarrassing for you know. We were laughing at that Texas. You're like. When's the last time you touched your back and I was like Chequered flag at Indianapolis. What I think, we had so much sim racing. You know in six weeks. We're on it. You know every day basically practicing that once we saw light at the inventory real racing where we all took a big step back to. To take some time off because I think we all took it too seriously, and we kind of the fun of it. Yeah and that's. That's the thing you know and I know like conor Daly had some fun with his.

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