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Believe it. I was so excited since i'm So at the helm of my own career. It's such a cool refreshing gig to have to be in in the wheel of someone else's you know ban and and to really commit myself to learning their whole catalog with the hex learn fifty one songs and they changed their set lists every night and and to really dedicate myself to rhythm guitar playing. Which mostly what. I'm doing a show and that such a like deceiving lee simple thing but like great acoustic rhythm retired playing is especially in a band like this It's just been so fun to focus on not again and It's just a blast. Like i feel so honored to be up there with them. I pinch myself every night I had to learn be three. So i've never played. I'm really comfortable. Linke's by never played the oregon before so i'd like a crash course. Kazak was like will you. He's like you've played three right. I'm like but i will by august a crash course in three in accident so cool so it's just a great musical challenge. I feel really lucky. 'cause i love musical challenges like all in want in light superpower better musicians songwriters producers that i just want to be a better artist and so it's so cool that sack Has given me this opportunity. And so what does that. What the what is the feeling because you obviously played for big crowds as caroline jones as you're open for big artists. What does it feel like to be to be feeling the feeling of superstar artists though like being on stage background not disband being an integral part of the show. How does that feel to just feel that superstar energy coming at you. Audience is that is it. different is the same will. You're right it is different because there's a real Like meeting of energy in expectation that you get when you're the person ever comes to see you know versus weird opener. You're really trying to win over the audience your energy and so it is different. But i'd i've sat in with them over the years a bunch of times so i know kind of what they're ho said at stages in what that feels like but i will say it's really cool to be to not have to be the front man for once because a really got to focus on the guitar playing and singing in harmonies and rhythm section like there's so much going on it's hard to explain for people who haven't ever performed before but there's so much going on like in a band of that size of nine people there's just so much like musical richness and information that you could be listening to all the time even if the audience were there you you'd be all occupied like your brain and your heart your musical Brain heart and then there's twenty five thousand people out there and they're all having a similar but unique experiences and you can with the people watching. It's unbelievable so it's actually so cool. Because when i'm performing as the front person internally jones i'm i'm thinking about my vote on thinking about performing i'm thinking about playing. I'm thinking about leading the ban of onstage. Live is totally different. Yeah exactly and so. It's been really cool actually so far. I've i've million joy. Were you nervous that first night. They not play fenway park. I mean let's not forget that again. You played that round when he had the most consecutive sold out nights in a row match. Or yeah okay. you're playing again. What does that the first time. He stepped on stage as a special performer. Guest batman For this tour. What did you feel like. Did you like dislike energized. But our fis flying your ears. I mean what. Was it like. Absolutely i think i don't know if it's experienced our age i feel like i'm more calm than i've ever been which is really cool because i remember the first four was act like i literally every night i felt. Just you can't explain what it's like being put in front of ten or fifteen twenty thousand people like. I felt like someone who put me like electrocuted me. Every night go on stage is life first tour. We just literally like the entire show. I.

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