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Center field on the boat track. Base gone. All sacks when saxwood socks plan. Turn on the fireworks. I was a second walk-off shot for the White Sox and consecutive days. This one was Nikki del Monaco off the bench a pinch at three run shot lifted the white socks over the Red Sox six to four that was Ed farmer with the call on the White Sox radio network. Other games of no Brandon low at a to go head to run shot in the ninth is the race. The royals three one Mike trout went deep. Angels one for the sixth time in seven games. This one six to pass the Blue Jays Stephen Strasburg became the fastest pitcher to reach fifteen hundred K's yet nine of them and the nationals to win of the cardinals wasn't enough to save his pitching coach, Derek hill. Quist he was fired. Paul men heart replaces him that was after the game and a little league type of performance from Noah Syndergaard. You got a solo shot the games loan also fired a complete game shutout ten strikeouts. Mets blank the reds one to nothing. He becomes the first pitcher to do that. And the best thing on that. Is this frigging Jesse Winker from the red? Okay. It's hilarious. What happened here? A larry. Because I was telling you moose the day the day before about budgets off air. I was very bombed by him because he caught a a ball left. Field foul ball game the other day, and he thought heckling the met fans, and like wave with them how we won you lost that type thing I said this to you move so things. Well, you know, I'm sure he was getting a lot while he was playing field the whole gang anyone's. He basically said, well, you know, met fans, they talk a lot. And then he goes not a lot of them, which is like. He takes show stadium. Right. It was right about that. A lot of people. What was it rainy day tonight? But you know, I guess it was a day game. Don't matter. The best part is Jesse Winker. So he's got he watches those synagogue just drill home run over his head just right lifting watch the Bongo. Then when he struck out looking at believe already struck about synagogue struck him out at supper, I guess then he gets the game when he was right because it wasn't a strike and Auburn balls and strikes with the right as he gets the game. Now, he goes in the dugout these frigging pissed fans heckling them now imagine he takes his helmet. His batting flips hits his teammate ahead. I sort of it it was a sterile. So he had a lot of bad Comecon his way while the kids from buffalo from the from up in buffalo. And and then I was reading New York he grew up Derrick jeeter fan, actually. So I guess he was a Yankee fan. But yeah, he looked he's she's like he's taking pride and being like the Mets most hated guy villain. He does. But look out saying the mic be before a show. Chipper Jones was a big. Villain. Okay. Put a brave but Chipper Jones of great player jesse's to twenty four right now. Okay. Hi is not a great physicality twenty four or five years, and he's not shipping. John listen in fans could have fought. And no poke fun baton and the Mets were victorious previous night, the the reds Louisville. But now that that's fine. But if you know if fans are saying, whatever they want you as you're out in the outfield. And then you catch the, you know, the ending, you know, a foul wall to the game. Yeah. Should you? Not then poke fun back at them, take the high. That everyone's going to sit that if we're paid customers in methods. We don't we don't. Classic. I'm not saying that are feds aren't class. That comes parcel was sitting out there. You're going to get on the outfielder by son's been too easy Yankee fan, but he's field. Lots of games he grew up but Yankee fan, so he's been a both. And he says to me is less summit goes that I got to tell you met fans when you go to the stadium. He goes there. Just a lot of angry Yankee fans he said as far as the stadium in general in life never mind, you just work here. He's like they re the misery and the mess will winning the game. He went, and he was still pissed, but that's the way you grow up as well. You're very angry group very angry. When he got tossed all seventy four fans that were in the craft. Gotta get a chance to wave Winker was eighty five. In the ninth struck effort. Syndergaard forget it was that come in and pinch hit for him. He wanted up going down on the next pitch goes to Winker ledger down. The other the other night. I was listening on the radio broadcast and how he rose goes the announce crowd is twenty three thousand ninety five and this was toward the tail end of the game. Is there aren't there? Aren't that many is still in attendance of this one goes, and I have a hard time believing. There was any at any point tonight. Was that many people in the stands? Not even. That turn event is. I don't think there was ever twenty two thousand people in the stance that it was Louis Ketziot, by the way, we hit the helmet hitting the head when he slammed his helmet, and it was pretty it. Loops and not the infamous Louis, Kathy. Yeah. We got a tweet out. We'll get we'll get it through the former one the methods would have been three zero. Winker window hippie struck out Tony game tonight before but here's the deal. You're talking about Jesse Winker reason why. Reason why. That's how his now he turned from a guy that it didn't really care about. He turned into a guy that basically like it could get to now, you know, what when the reds whenever you play the reds, you think about Jesse Winker. Chipper.

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