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Can't tell you how many times people come up to me what is your shoulder yankee highlights do you know how many yankee fans john sterling i would like an official poll to figure out how many people in rhode island or yankee fans because they're allowed minority but it's not that i want to say seventy thirty would you agree with seventy thirty in favor of the red sox yeah yeah probably in the sixty five thirty five range we have a lot of passionate yankee fans in rhode island there's really here to the belief that a very italian based st joe dimaggio played for the yankees you buy into that theory now i mean some of that obviously happens but i think we're sorta clear of that era like maybe if this were the sixty th generation for your who your father and mother rooted for yeah yeah it could be there's a lot of that down there or just in terms in sports you know you gets passed down through generations so maybe if there were some nationality it really makes no sense we're an hour from boston and new york is three hours away i guess they're the american people you people move and people usually don't move that far when they move so let's consider maybe you're in western connecticut and you move to southern rhode island rhode islanders don't move where very parochial st some like me move and then come back perchance by the way we need some phone calls people for three eight wpro i'm yani caracas from wpri twelve and fox providence it's friday at seven thirty at looks like it's pretty warm out richman were were halfway through the show this radio is isn't that bad after all gresh gresh comes in i can only give them three or four minutes a night on the patriots and god knows gresh because he does radio doesn't stop talking no so a lot of times when he tape segments will tape for eight minutes and i somehow have to get that down to three minutes and thirty seconds so it's always good tons of gresham celebrating his lovely wife's birthday on this friday night and that's why i'm here we're talking bro and celtics red sox patriots bill bella checks relationship with donald trump another layer added more on that coming up when the gresh show on but first.

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