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Well you don't know the ending we're not gonNA take the ending. Okay I mean no I know one other one bomb That was one of those parts where I'm like. ooh Like that. Made Me WanNa Watch movie. This discussion made amy want to watch it. Because now there's a discussion and it's like please. I want to start a group chat. On the day parasite recite is what you want to have to stay up. Okay can I. Can I smoke in. Watch this movie or am I going to freak myself out. No no no no no no nothing is a a trip you out saying the story itself is. Here's the thing parasite it's best to go in completely blind because as you're watching the whole time you're watching you like where's this going. You're like I like this but I don't know where this is going and then it goes there and you're like what Oh really is talking about an apple show the baby on the Servant Servants Servants. Yes I just got the new. I just got the new iphone and apparently they get apple. TV within the only reason why I know that it was because they like popped up. Please look man. Yeah everybody's got that me. Yeah I got. I got an email Gordon in your work. Yeah you get the you have to subscribe to you. Have to put your credit card and do all that stuff but you won't get charged until the next year anyways serving so you ed discussed it and the only thing that made me excited about having a notification was like ooh. I can see this movie that you were talking is a show show show. Every there's episode I am night Shamlan Chevrolet and and I know I know his content is a divisive. Saying sometimes it's great. Sometimes time does not Six cents was the shit. Avatar was not but but serving and mad. Because no one's really watching it. I'll like to the point where you know when I was watching. Game of thrones. It was like you could. I could go down the timeline. And everyone was talking about game of thrones but when after I watched an episode of servant I go on time sound like all right. No one gives a fuck about what implied Avatar the heat. No no not not not Avatar Blue People Avatar. uh-huh vendor airman. Oh Yeah so James. Can't now yeah. Yeah but I'll scroll down. I'm trying to discuss servant Ervin with people knowing watches to the point where I searched the Hashtag. Just so I could re tweets just to see if there's anybody out there but no one's really watching and but it's dope do you think a big part of what is popular now has to do with so many different platforms like you've got apple. TV You have Hulu Kasan prime. Yes I fly. I feel like if net flicks was pumping servant. Of course more people will be right because you have no choice as soon as you sign onto Netflix in your box was in your face immediate. Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's a giant billboard on the side of this building with a baby and literally early. No one's still tweeting really. Yeah I just think AB- apple wasn't apple plus it doesn't sound like something. Oh you WANNA watch it. I think music every time you Disney Disney plus no. I don't what I don't mind. You just had to get another netflix account. Okay I'm going through. Transit also wanted toys before so you don't the Disney Disney class. No Manana with greasy black. You back I let me live. What's so oh sad is that Tim was actually a thousand percent right? I hate feeling shit during I hated. Hey having a feel emotions out of one feel I like living even in denial. Sometimes I if I get sent to a damn movie and I gotTa feel you know as soon as that. Damn you've got a friend in me. Plays I start to cry like such a little baby. I hated God. It's just I for some reason every time you things get said so we'll movie makes you cry every all of them. Moana Moana Commute here right. Maybe because I have a connection to your grandma you don't cry when the grinches heart grows to just go like this because I know the store and I'm like he's he's going to know what love feels like cocoa. Oh my God. That movie is so sad. I remember like Oh hi. Cocoa is that is sad. That's a fucking God. I I've Disney allies as their shit. I finally watched up as that. What was does your? I watched fucking frozen for the first time I didn't did. You feel emotions are felt. I felt emotionally. I didn't cry during. I definitely. Don't remember feeling no you know what I didn't. I didn't get to Muslim during rose. In the first time I watched it again the other day and and I was like I. Just tell me why you don't WanNa Bill. Yeah that's true but yes I'll put super set up up was up and that guy. Well let me tell you I get emotional. I feel like I get most emotional during movies. VI's you know what I'm saying not even realized I remember the weirdest Shit I remember crying during was the flintstone movie and I remember watching that with my dad. Ed and there's one part where Fred and Barney they're about to get hanged and it's not hung by the way the deep past tense of when someone is getting hanged hanging is hanged not hung. Because it's actually it's a hanging okay so it's not the the verbiage is hang. It's it's a hanging the now in his hanging so the the the passes hanged. Thank you for So Oh they are about to get hanged and Fred and Barney are confessing to each other like. He's like he's like. Hey I'm sorry you're such a good friend to me. Yeah I messed up Blah Blah Blah. I literally remember being in theaters. Like what why her hang leaking. I I mean but I don't know Y I've always been very sensitive and the older I got I realized because your pricey I am and I don't even want to say that type of Shit I'm just a weenie right like some such. I'm just so soft and I don't like it. So I like comedies. I mean I might agree with the rest of the way. Charming as an ill muster. I love auto me. I need my heart to grow three times this year because I don't even have the balls to watch on again and every time they seeing the damn song outside of of like thank you make me sad. Yeah man when my nieces sinking and I'm just like beautiful. So when when we was Moana Jonah Cheese Grandma had recently passed. Oh so as soon as as as soon as advocates stingrays also child looped over. I'm in my Chris. I just saw cheer just ball. Oh my own I seen that with my sister and my GRANDPA had passed away. amtel hell you. We were like. Oh this is like I think that Leland Stitch did not do a very good job for the culture. Yeah for islands and terrible job. You mean you got a kid who doesn't have their parents who's being rate it's like. It was the stereotypical story and you had to deal with the social worker. Leila got the social worker coming over you the paper everywhere. You like stay in your room hall knocking dramatic anyways so I hate it. I didn't likely low and such. But that's all we got right everybody else had princesses says we got Leila. Were like damn. y'All really doing some shit for right now but they Mwana comes out and you're like Oh snap like they're actually really on point with a lot of the stories stories Things you grow up with but you just felt that one. I was like but cocoa. I think that cocoa just on a broad but scale had so much more impact because it was one of those things had to deal with death and people remembering you and your life and being forgotten and I think that everybody has is a moment where they go fuck. I don't WANNA be forgotten. Coco was emotional. I watched it. I know the Disney movies bothering me like enough for me. Why that's so sad? But they don't really do the thing that is people asking their Stepdad to adopt Dash. It gives me every five user easy clip Yay me. Every there's like or like or when like the little kid will open up the president that says is like we would like to adopt you. Oh you're oh soft. I'm like Oh my goodness I just signed it my head so yeah I think I tuned out toy story. I I tuned it out. I remember I just tuned it out. I don't WanNa feel anything and you're exactly right. Do not want to feel when I see certain limitation awesome. You should watch it because toy story four wearing I was wearing lashes and I didn't need them to come on time. No but again I I choose. I really stayed away from a lot of romantic movies. All things like look like feelings just like that I was a i. Don't WANNA watch that I. I don't don't feel things in real life so I like to view things. Wait let me tell you something serial. Okay what did you put in my drink all of a sudden I'm sleeping in real life. It takes a lot. It takes a lot for shit. They gave me emotional. Unless I mean okay like nevermind I take that back unless it's like something that it's people I care about if it's if it's Wi fi or if it's family you know what I'm saying when when she starts to get real get emotional but for the majority of the time. My Life isn't very dramatic so it's like I I don't get emotional too often like I've never ever cried at a death in my life. Rarely ever like even when like And I think that has to do with my dad always kind of talking to me about death from when I was a little kid about how like it's just a part of life and Shit happens Like even when I feel like the closest person to ever a die in my life was my auntie on gene and and like even when she thought it was kind of like. Wow that's crazy but I didn't get emotional. You feel me I feel like I might have even more emotional when Michael Jackson died. So it'd be completely on. I was on. I remember exactly where I was on the beach and then somebody was like everybody. He was tanning lane bag. And somebody was like. Oh my God. Michael Jackson died. I was like what and screaming and running and some don't ask girl on the beach. It was like I'm Hey that's my Jackson the respect but and then I remember just driving back home. Damn I can't believe Michael died but like in in my personal life. I was never really close enough to somebody where it made me upset. That they dangle me Robin Williams was my celebrity like tear Jerker I remember I saw I cried and I remember. The person was was like. Why are you crying? I was like because he struggled he just wanted to make the world laugh was run by not come on. That's a classic Mrs Doubtfire. You WanNa hear some crazy shit around the Robin Williams so Maybe like a month after Robin Williams committed suicide. I had a dream but my cousin. Paul who coincidentally is the child of my on gene while just speaking right so I had a dream that my cousin Paul I had did you mile at his funeral and and At the funeral everyone will sad but then I saw him moving around in the cascade like he was alive and I was like Oh Shit Shit Portland that he's alive right. I woke up from that.

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