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Now, it's a soccer, right? Really weird. It's weird. Except when you know that it's because the owner will the at the time the owner of one of the football teams over there was friends with him. Right. And so had the statue put into Britain's national football taking it out because of the HBO, buddy. L fed buddies, the father of Dodi, Al Fayed who died with Princess, Diana. Yeah, they were in the car in in Paris. So nowadays they were killed. So this on the heels of radio stations are now have you seen him since? I just read the you know that episode of the Simpsons that has Michael Jackson. They're they're pulling from district starting to watch. The never land would leading. You haven't seen it yet? Oh, man. Brutal. I mean, brutal and graphic descriptions. And when of course, the estate is saying that these kids are lying through their teeth. I gotta tell you. They are so credible. I mean, so credible. These young men. Bender did a quick episode of the Simpsons re recap Tijuana. It's about a minute long your name. Sure, why not no. I want to hear it. So I don't care if you want to or not all right? Let's hear it just on FOX. Pulling the episode of this is the season three premiere from nineteen Ninety-one features. Michael Jackson's voice, the decision comes days after HBO aired a documentary detailing child salvations, you're right. You're absolutely right. More better. But it gets too. I mean. The back part of it. Go ahead. You never heard of me. I'm a very popular entertainer. Course, I've heard of you. I mean, you'd have to be living under a rock. Not to know what you say. Your name was Michael Jackson doesn't ring a bell. We'll have you heard of TV. Nope. Montano beat it beat it thriller. What was that? Last one thriller. No, well, how about this genie's? Not bad. Thank you for talking me into that..

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