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From citizens Bank park. John Johnson, KYW NewsRadio Major League Soccer Saturday night. The union played the Seattle Sounders KYW's Ed Bankin was there and has more. The union played a strong match with settled for zero zero draw with Seattle unique control to play throughout much of the night out shot. Seattle, six to one of the best tips is the game came from catfish Abobo just this wide of the sixteen minute and was stopped on a head of writing for the Sounders net in the fifty ninth minute withdraw unit or now four into in the last six matches as to a scoreless tie. When Seattle's euro zero reporting Chester med KYW NewsRadio. There are import saying eagles defensive end Chris long as used Twitter to announce his retirement after eleven seasons. Burks KEPCO leads the PGA championship with a twelve under heading into the final round and the one hundred and forty four th Preakness winner, was war of will from sport. Radio ninety four WIP RJ McKay for KYW NewsRadio. Hey, Dr drew here. And of course, you heard about genetics and your ancestry. But did you know your genes can help you eat healthier and feel better fad diets fail because? Well, personalized, your body, you're just guessing. And then responding to the latest fad will now Gino, pallet developed a specific dietary intervention based on your biology, I try to be healthy, and I try to pay attention. So I had my genes analyzed by Gino pallet. I was impressed at how Gino pilot report gave me very specific and highly personalized nutrition and food recommendations. And when in-depth in over twenty different nutrients covering my knees, carbohydrates. Fats vitamin d magnesium and more even zinc. I need zinc turns out report, even showed the eighty-five foods that are healthiest for me based on my jeans. I learned a lot from the analysis of genetic code, and I learned that I'm not sensitive to gluten kinda do that already. But as a physician, I love the accuracy, and specificity of the Gino pal report. It's great knowing that I'm not guessing or.

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