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Back to another episode of the Adam Schefter Podcasts, and on Today's episode will be joined by the former NFL veteran quarterback Now my ESPN colleague and friend Matthew Hasselbeck, who knows a thing or two about the way the Packers situation works and might have some special insight into the Aaron Rodgers situation. Unfolding in Green Bay and his future or lack thereof in green bait. Last week, I popped onto the Dan Patrick Show to talk about the Anna Roger situation, and Dan asked a question asking me to trace back what happened on draft day. And the process leading up to ESPN releasing the story on our Rogers. Well, that actually was the first day that I was scheduled to play golf in. Ah, year, one full year and I don't play golf very often, but a few times a year. It's nice to go out in front was taking me out and so Do Dan Patrick a 10:25 a.m. Eastern, go to play 18 holes with my friend and we were three holes in having a nice, enjoyable day when I got a text from my boss, Seth Markman. That my name was trending on Twitter, which is never a good sign, And initially I was confused as to why my name could or would be trending, But I guess it came to my attention as many critics have pointed out. That they felt that What their take away on that interview was it was that I intentionally held the story for draft day, which I could tell you was unequivocally 100. Percent wrong. I did not go to Cleveland thinking, boy. I got this Aaron Rodgers story in my back pocket, and I'm gonna drop it on draft day. Baloney never happened. Number one number two. The complaint was that Didn't have sources because Said during that interview that there was an accumulation of information which there was over months over a long period of time that I just kept picking up. And so That morning. I made the decision. You know what There were reports that the 40 Niners had reached out to the Packers about Ann Rogers and I said, This isn't gonna hold up and while I didn't go into all the micro details With Dan. Patrick and I made the decision that I'd better get on this Aaron Rodgers story that morning with that information, and it just felt relevant, of course, at that point You reached out to not one person, not two people. That trip, but multiple people. Multiple people to make sure That the situation has not changed is still unfolding, is updated. Are there additional details that I might add? All of which happened? And if anybody needs to verify this, they can ask my boss, said Markman. Instead of reading headlines on Twitter and even Packers fans to the station, Adam Schefter had no sources for this story. People. Let's be honest. No sources for this story. Are we serious? We think that that morning I just woke up and said, You know what? I'm gonna load this and Roger story that I've heard about for months of time. I didn't go into how the sausage is made with Dan Patrick in death, because, frankly, I never expected that it would take on a life of its own, where people were making Incorrect judgments. Assessments off how I did my job. I could tell you how I did my job. I do my job the same way. I've tried to do my job for 31 years in journalism school. They teach you If your mother tells you she loves you check it out. Do you think I made the decision that day to say I'm gonna load this? And Raj story premeditated by the way to sabotage draft a false that I didn't call around again that morning. Correct. In fact, it took me a few hours to get that information which didn't come in the final bitch, informations and verifications. Until Three. Five or so and we can prove that because why didn't we open NFL live at three o'clock if I had all the information that I wanted That's what we were trying to do. You'll notice that I came out of the end of the segment and said, We'll have breaking news after the segment because the last piece of information that I needed I just come in and so we opened the B block. About 3 15 eastern, and it's alive. With the animal Roger Story that I was putting together for the rest of the morning. Left out those little details about doing that additional reporting that morning that day on top The accumulation of information. That had come in for the better part of weeks and months. Which is why I didn't address that in Dan Patrick. I inadvertently left out that little detail that when I decided to go with the animal Roger story that of course, I was going to go to other people to verify it. Check it out. Make sure was up to date. Make sure the information was still accurate. So number one. There was nothing premeditated about it. Nothing. Number two. I didn't just decide that morning. Oh, let's just drop this right now and not check into it. Number three. There were sources involved that day. I'm like what other people have said. The whole thing was so surprising. So disappointing that All this could come up and become a total non issue that became an issue over what Over a story. Crazy. Let me a little journalism lesson right here. Every story has its own rhythm and peace. Some stories. You get a text and you can just report it right away. Their stories take days or weeks to flush out some stories. Take days, even weeks or months, and you never get them and you never report them. The Aaron Rodgers story kept happening, but nobody really verified that. Hey, He has given.

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