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Ted Cruz is our guest senator I have I have to I have a question for you unrelated to what we were supposed to talk about based on a conversation just happened in the whole roof in the hallway so you know how you have cloakroom conversations with with you know Tom cotton and and rand Paul I have conversations with former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury and I want to ask you a question based on that you ready right but you think you had on because I know you are a student of the game so Southbury played Minnesota star quarterback USA as he knows I'm a Dan Fouts fan San Diego Chargers quarterback as is he but I said who was the best under center quarterback non not shot gun understood our quarterback drop back passer that you ever saw on a football field with your own two eyes in he the quarterback he told me surprisingly never played in the Shaka who do you think that was I think eighties nineties no quote you got me Joe Montana and he said he would put Montana is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever I just remember connecting Jerry rice ridiculously young vital people did they not play in the second he said you will never find video of Joe Montana in San Fran which makes me think maybe in Kansas city he did because Shawn's a student of the game is and you will never find video of Joe Montana in the shot gun in a forty Niners uniform I said and you know what now that you mention it he was a drop back passer thank a farmer always in the shot gun you think Joe Montana always drop how are you I'm doing great you know the best quarterback I ever saw playing persons did not do much in the NFL either but was benched young in the Texas USC that two thousand to two thousand six that two thousand six I was watching on you to do so much good stuff on YouTube and it was best college performances of all ten best cough performs as well yeah and I kept thinking how you're not gonna have been shown how you not only got higher higher higher higher number one Vince young what what what it I'll tell you something that your laptop that was the first football game Heidi had ever been to in our life she's a California girl was not raised on football and and we went out on a broader we were with a couple other couples to the game and you know hiding from California she has close friends that live in Pasadena and and and she said she was going to where you actually read and then holder I since I've had sleep heart I love you we're gonna throw you out of the truck but like like that is not acceptable and it may be in and now what nineteen years of marriage it may be the only argument I've ever wanted our marriage because she decided she didn't care all that much and I dressed her in burnt orange from head to toe and and you know he's in the middle of the game whatever she turns to me because that that that that young guy he's he's really good I'm like yeah he's our you know you're not that game was such a special moment I don't know if you remember but HMM fans Aggie fans of the biggest rivalry they have yes universitet sis and people they had shirts made where the psalm all forms they gave him back on in it was like you know oh wow if Texans are going to win this the if if it's we're gonna have a shot at this if we got a route for you I mean that was how you knew this was a serious moment what a good you know I was looking this weekend I I I I went off into a a Vince young trail now that you mention it and I think of him as having a terrible pro career he didn't live up to what people may have wanted he was rookie of the year I think he was a two time Pro Bowl he did his first three seasons for Tennessee were actually pretty solid so let me ask this question what the hell was Jim Carroll thinking leading regular horse yeah on the side what was Jim Carroll thinking leaving Reggie bush on the sidelines for the president for the last offense the play of the game for them for the fourth down well if you remember Pete Carroll had that big running back who he played in the pros I came in but he was he Reggie was the little guy number four and he had one Lorenzo why what was the guy's name it may have been something white I remember is a big guy yeah he he was he was probably two fifty he was kind of a he was kind of a lot L. Mitchell size Linda white it was Linda white and so you know it I don't know if if if they just if they just put you gotta think but but Pete Carroll was scared to death of give invention the ball again and and you see why I don't know how many times you've seen it but I have gone back and watched that they play it you know occasionally will be on SportsCenter and out wherever it is it's like a blues brothers one wherever he has I gotta go back watch the former were you at that game I was at that game we had great seats and I actually went the next year when was Texas Alabama rose and and that one I didn't want to go to friends who went and so I just said you know what if Texas wins again I'm not there I'll be here yeah so I got on a plane I flew out there I didn't take it that talk to hide in the morning again I was staying with her friend that lived about a mile the Rose Bowl do you like do you have tickets I said now I'm going to have to cash in my pocket I said I'm just gonna walk down upon a scalper buy ticket and if you walk down if you ever done that as you get closer and closer to kick off the balance of power here yeah and these scalpers look the that you know that this ticket was worth thousands of dollars in another half hour is going to be a piece of cardboard right and and so you know probably twenty minutes before kickoff I ended up buying just one ticket on the forty large yard lot about ten rows back and I put paid face value for and high he's like well what happens if you can't find a second I thought I could come pick it up at a sports bar to watch the cable TV that's not the end of the world but but I'm betting I will and I went in and it was the tickets were amazing because it was right before kickoff but there were literally Texas billionaires who were certain five and ten rows behind yeah they did not pay face value for tickets well that's a shame remember colt had a a stinger in his arm and his his dad took him into the locker room and he tried to throw an icy couldn't lift his arm up and by the next morning he could throw again and he's literally weeping and that that that kid comes in who's a freshman and actually starts off the game pretty strong was it Marty what was a kid's name well it's it's a a literate may like Marty Miller or whatever he was also a hold on just a second Senate senator Ted Cruz our guest thanks for like the Michael berry show traffic from the Papa Murphy's traffic center we may get you bake.

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