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Big 10 match up. Welcome back into a pregame show Brian Bush and John Jansen with you, John. After that narrow loss to Notre Dame back and weak to the Wolverines have been on operation turnaround. So far, so good. There's five and Oh, since ah, thorough second half after a shaky first half in Champagne last week. What's flip for the maize and blue? Well, I think it's just his confidence, you know, and this is You know, if you if you go back and we'll hear more from John Wangler is, you know they didn't really know who the quarterback was going to be going into this season. You know, John Wangler had been hurt, and you know, there's just when you have the two quarterback system, and you have a player like Anthony Corridor, and you're trying to develop that chemistry when you've got an offensive line. Like Michigan had at that time where you know in 1980. These guys were all first team big time, which is amazing to me, and that's you know, in a year, but this is development of that offensive line. You have the luxury of being able to have interchangeable parts in the backfield, and you've got a running back like a butch wolf folk. This is the opportunity for them to go out there and continued to establish what they are as a football team create that identity. We always know what three yards and a cloud of dust, but when you've got Anthony Carter At Michigan, and it changes the game. It changes it changed to both sham. Bechler Wass as as a play caller. When you have that weapon out there, and you want to utilize it, it's not always just hand the ball off. We can actually throw the ball downfield a little bit, No doubt. Michigan comes in is a 28 point favorite. But Indiana has some players. The quarterback Tim Clifford, strong, Mike Hark Rader, a loaded tailback. Coming into this game. He was the third leading rusher in the history of Indiana football. It did not have the feel of a 28 point spread. And that's not a knock on Michigan. That's a credit to Indiana and what they had at that time. A five and two ball club. Well, yeah, and this is This is a team that is well balanced. They can as well you don't be able to use their quarterback to get the ball downfield. They've They've established a rushing attack, and you always want to know when you go into a game. What's the identity of the team that you're playing against? And for this Indiana team and quite honestly? For almost all Indiana teams, even though they don't have much talent as a Michigan or a Penn State aura, Notre Dame or in Ohio State. They fight like hell for 60 minutes, and if there's anything I know, going back to even before this game and watching this game and watching all of the match up since then. Is that it's going to be a fistfight every time that you play Indiana. Let's get your keys to the game, first on offense for a Michigan offense that will start with B. J. Dickie, a quarterback John Wangler, you figure is going to get plenty of time in this one, when he didn't have the keys for Michigan's offense well for Michigan's offense, It's always going to be to control the line of scrimmage. You go back to, and obviously we're looking at this with the hindsight of 2020, but you go back to what The identity of abortion Bechler team Woz and I mentioned it just a few minutes ago, three yards and a cloud of dust when you've got a quarterback like BJ, Dickie Yeah, you can throw the ball downfield. You could hit Anthony Carter. But you're going to be handing the ball off to the lights of of a bushel folk. And when you have that ability, you've got to set the tone early and create dominance upfront. Get some yards on the ground. You know in in Indiana. If we've learned anything over the past half century of playing against them is they're going to stay in the game. They're going to try and keep it close. What you want to do is win the time of possession. Make sure that they don't have the ball. So hey, it's it's three yards and a cloud of dust to take some time off the clock. And then when you have the ability, throw the ball downfield. You take advantage of that with a player like Anthony Carter. How about the Wolverines Defense one that is limited foes to 12 points or fewer and all but one of the first seven games? Well, you're too the two players that you've got to be concerned with. If you're on the defense of Michigan is Tim Clifford, their quarterback, and Mike Hart Raider. They're running back. If you understand how this Indiana team is going to try to attack you, they're going to hand the ball off. They're going to try and establish a route the ground game and that's really what football was. At this time. It wasn't swing the ball around, but they're going to also try and create those opportunities and and very You know, in unique ways to try and get the ball downfield when you least expect it can't wait for this one homecoming here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, trying to get to seven and one on the season. Continue that push for 1/4 consecutive trip to Pasadena. Bob, you forgets a set for the match up with Indiana, including a conversation with the head coach Bo Sham. Bechler. When we come back, you're listening to Michigan football from a Lear field I MG college..

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