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Check gasol then postal inspectors searched his apartment and found about three thousand pieces of mail address to the company that was supposed to be in that right yeah and so he told that the shipton boxes yeah he told investigators it was funny because on the application of the change of address he signed it with his initial initials but then crossed it out and put ups oh for them so that no it's still went through the crazy thing like usps didn't even knowing cares up there you know knowing inspecting shit at all pistole for united parcel service the other one is the united states will still serve usps yeah yeah so and other investigating and they're trying to see like apparently there's a lot of no nothing because he like what does fedex stand for federal l double dhl don't handle services the h l i heard hbo's good for international no when the girl got them dhl's handled channeling lips the esl view so cable servicing lips dick sucking i know dick sucking lip lips sucking lips what the fuck that we talking about right now flip this guy all right he's address ups address yeah but that's why like evans on gifts every day like christmas i love it too but then i also feel bad is the second people and their regular all the cardboard for sure all the people just in the regular car like these just look like this like they're they don't work for anyone and he just so happened to get your box at their house and they're just bring it back to you what that gives them money it does but now they're just putting miles on their own car opposed to it being like an amazon type car where it's like made for handling packages have their oldest story from like you feel sorry like that's their own what but they.

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