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Why why the UB forty tribute today? Actually that saw a little later in the game. Because that song that cover version was nineteen Ninety-three. I would imagine that Cavanaugh. That's right. It all comes back around the cavenaugh. This whole big elaborate intro it has to do with Brett cavenaugh. And now the the allegations over this this bar fight in nineteen eighty five. After a UB forty concert looking at all of that to get to this. Listen, a my entertaining myself. Yes. Is that all that matters? Damn right. It is so. So the the actual song that Brett cavenaugh what a heard at the UB forty concert was not that because that was recorded by UB forty years later. I'm just curious. Was ice thrown at this bar fight in nineteen eighty-five. Or by any chance wasn't a glass of. Of course, this was like a Neil diamond song originally as well. So this is the song that potential supreme court Justice bread Kavanagh. This is what he one of her at the UB forty concert before the bar fight in nineteen eighty-five. This was released in late. Late eighty three if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure you'll be forties. Having a blast with this. All right. So what the heck am I talking about the how is my lip synching, by the way on on the first song? So the New York Times has a report on this bar fight from nineteen eighty-five where Bret Cavanaugh allegedly throw. Not a spear. Not Chinese throwing stars. No ice. The the New York Times they they had a story. About cavenaugh and numerous others were interrogated or interviewed by the police in New Haven kinetic. Oh, boy, when I think in New Haven, Connecticut. Oh, Frank Pepe pizza right there on Worcester. You also have Sally's a pizza there. And and modern a pizza. We like Frank like Frank Pepe the best in but on gray pizza. I I'm going to do a whole show on schnitzel pizza picks nationwide. And of course, you know, New York City the boroughs, and that's the that's the mecca for for pizza in America. I I can also go into you know, why should fly specifically to Napoli in Italy? And I can give you a couple of great places there, but New Haven, Connecticut, the cops interviewed cavenaugh and his pals after there was allegedly drinking at a bar. Go figure drinking at a bar, and then some type of an altercation after a UB forty concert. Now Cavanaugh was not hooked up. He wasn't cuffed and stuffed. He wasn't arrested by the Popo Paul in New Haven, Connecticut. A. A fellow bar goer accused cavenaugh of throwing ice on them. So from the New York Times, this is the stuff. This is what's important these days? From the New York Times piece a witness to the fight said that Chris Dudley. That's right. Chris Dodd leap NBA Krista Lee who is a Yale basketball player who was friends with Mr. Cavanaugh. Then hit a man in the ear with a glass, according to the police report, which was obtained by the New York Times. The report said that the victim Dom Cozzolino was bleeding from the right ear and was later treated local hospital detective was notified of the incident at one twenty AM mister Dudley denied the accusation. According to the report for his part speaking to the officers, Mr. cavenaugh did not want to say if he through the ice or not. By the way Dudley w went on to play in the NBA Dudley. Put out a statement, supporting cavenaugh. He said that his. Defended the cavenaugh and his drinking habits, and there wasn't any. They say any direct mention of the nineteen eighty-five altercation at this bar in the hometown of Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. So this is just ridiculous. We have this Chad leading Tim, I told you about Chad leading ten on yesterday's show. He was on was he the one on CNN dropped the f bomb that was on CNN was a mess. Just an absolute mess. Like, we just couldn't understand where the guy was saying. It was just ridiculous. And then we have Mitch McConnell, rightfully so Mitch McConnell was mocking. This earlier today about the incident now with the ice and the mudslide was cheered on and capitalize on at every turn by the far left. That has been so eager to. Now the. Nomination. Just politics. No. I don't think..

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