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Belloch nilis on the team luke babbitt love it john collins is that's one team look at chicago's portis backed up by mira tich not right now robin lopez it's center who they should trade in other team should want late because he just the beast in certain matchups levin is not gonna be back his back of his ball zipser the'may remember last year i'm quincy pond extra chris done the point guard with holiday they're starting to guard the nets before they get zak with dean back the pierre some my point is there are some garbled aaj rosters in the east ex wants firm malatsi tj roles to know how scared she the nba be of smallmarket teams like no joaquim minnesota possibly being market i dunno they should be scared first of all the nba would love for it to happen the nba they would mark from ratings standpoint i understand that put it would be really good in front of another cba end a draft lottery a adjustment here it would be cured for owners of smaller markets they think that they actually have a chance so to say they're afraid of the ratings thing that's easy thing in the world okay when guys who do what i do go you know of the new baseball would love the dodgers and yankees quick no bleak like where did you write that down last thing you'll on my show today yenkey dodgers can you imagine the ratings everybody knows that so yes it simplistic in the sense that minnesota milwaukee is your nba finals would be great for ratings.

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