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Like it eh participating donald some of norman rockwell's art work will be sold by cashstrapped museum in massachusetts a judge has approved a plan for the berkshire museum to sell dozens of pieces of art including works by rockwell the decision in massachusetts highest court clears the way for the contentious sale of up to forty pieces of artwork at the museum which has said the sale is the only option it has to keep its doors open under the agreement reached by the museum and the massachusetts attorney general rockwell's shuffled tins barbershop will be sold to another us museum the berkshire museum says it will sell the rest of the artwork until it reaches fifty five million dollars in proceeds yellowstone national park's getting a new research and monitoring tower the fifty nine foot tower will be built in funded by national science foundation project aimed at studying the causes and affects of environmental change the park says the tower won't significantly harm the environment in construction scheduled to start in late fall the science foundations us national ecological observatory network plans to use the tower for thirty years it'll produce data about the impacts of landscape changes climate change and invasive species and the data will be made public a new warts and all documentary about elvis presley is coming to hbo ex wife priscilla presley says the dock doesn't shy away from his drug use i don't think anyone who's on drugs think they're addicted and they can get off very quickly or just get off of the pills it was it was not it was part of his life really she says things were different back then and elvis trusted in his doctors them the prescriptions they gave him no betty ford there was no rehab centers but he didn't think he had to go have centered they were prescribed to him the doctors knew what they were giving him so that was pretty much a part of his life richard thompson ni had full access to gracelands vaulted made ample use of it to unearth a little seen footage you also interviewed studio musicians producers engineers and directors as well as artists like bruce springsteen tom petty and emmylou harris however president says this documentary tells the story differently so the.

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